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Computer Aided Dispatch Systems
Omda Emergency signs new contract with the National Single Service for Emergency Number 112 in the Republic of Moldova
Emergency Management Software
9 Critical Features for Incident Management Systems
Molde Casualty Clinic goes live with cloud-based Omda AMIS solution
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Omda Initiates procurement process to identify single map-engine supplier for Emergency portfolio
8 Innovative Emergency Response Technologies in 2024
Omda Emergency Prepares For The Future
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Omda Collaborates with AI Experts to Develop New Dispatch Assist Solution
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Omda Paratus and Optima Conclude Innovative Cross-Platform Pilot
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What Is NG112 Technology? Exploring Next-Gen Solutions for Emergency Medical Services
Omda Announces a New Contract with Valencia 112 to Develop Police Tool 2.0
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Customer Case: Hato Hone St John, New Zealand and Omda Optima Predict
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US emergency medical services provider MedStar chooses Omda Optima Predict
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