Omda Announces a New Contract with Valencia 112 to Develop Police Tool 2.0

Omda is pleased to announce the completion of a new contract with our long-standing partner, Valencian Agency for Security and Response to Emergencies (AVSRE), to expand on the existing Police Tool platform, which is based on Omda ResQWebClient and CoordCom products.

Building on the success of the Omda CoordCom 112 and emergency response system solution in the region of Valencia, the new solution will play a critical role in helping local police services manage and optimise dispatch processing.

The Police Tool platform is designed to meet the needs of local police agencies in the region, that differ considerably in size and have access to varied operational resources. By transitioning select Omda CoordCom functionality to a web client-based platform, Omda improves access to the wider Valencia 112 emergency response system and provides police employees and departments with an innovative digital solution that better reflects their operational reality.

CSAM Public Safety meets AVSRE in Valencia: (left to right) Miguel Molla – Technology Director 112 Comunitat Valenciana, Javier Perez – CSAM Solution Architect, Johan Hedensiö – EVP CSAM Public Safety and Jorge Suarez – Deputy Director of Emergency Management AVSRE

Expanding on Police Tool’s early success

While the first version of the Police Tool platform has only recently gone live, initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Based on the ResQWebClient, the platform ensures police teams benefit from a lightweight version of Omda CoordCom tailored to their requirements and accessible via a web client.

Building on the existing solution, Police Tool 2.0 will incorporate voice communication. It will also streamline and simplify case management, while consolidating processes within the platform, making it an even more rounded and comprehensive emergency response tool. Additional features will improve case management by allowing for greater customisation and case scheduling and deliver a superior chain of custody by connecting follow-up actions to cases.

Delivering customer-specific solutions that improve emergency response

Police Tool 2.0 is the product of a long, close, and productive partnership with AVSRE Valencia 112. Omda CoordCom is now utilised by more than 120 integrated agencies across the region, including police, ambulance and fire services. However, the full Omda CoordCom system often goes above and beyond the needs, resources, and operational capabilities of police units in smaller towns and rural zones. The degree of digital infrastructure required to run it is also an obstacle to smaller police forces.

Police Tool 2.0 overcomes those issues by providing police forces with a stripped-back, web-based platform that requires less infrastructure and benefits from a carefully designed feature set that enhances their capabilities without being overwhelming. It will ensure all cases are logged in Valencia 112’s main Omda CoordCom system, improve cross-agency collaboration, and enable remote access to the emergency response system.

This last point is particularly important, as it guarantees continued access to the system should a crisis (eg. the COVID pandemic) require users to work remotely. It also allows for remote oversight by local decision-makers, especially in areas where police stations may not be staffed around the clock.

Relationship-building defines CSAM product development

Police Tool 2.0 is indicative of the way Omda continues to grow and develop its solutions and customer relationships. Though Omda has worked with Valencia 112 for more than 25 years and built one of Europe’s most respected emergency response systems, Omda and Valencia 112 continue to look for new ways to improve, adapt and maximise the value of technology to strengthen public safety across the region. Police Tool 2.0 is a direct result of this collaboration and a recognition that Omda will always value local insight when developing its products. The Police Tool 2.0 solution will now further extend the Omda CoordCom system in an effective, bespoke manner to local police forces that will benefit considerably from its capabilities.

To learn more about Valencia 112 and the Omda CoordCom solution, please see our in-depth case study.


Johan Hedensiö
Executive Vice President, Emergency

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