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Omda software and solutions are engineered to meet regulatory and security standards. They are GDPR compliant and appropriately privacy-assured for every jurisdiction where they are installed or used. Our products are tried and trusted to meet the ever-expanding range of healthcare and emergency services software requirements.  They can be deployed in all technical contexts with our Integration Engine and APIs. We own our code so we can guarantee the integrity and reliability of our products and ensure operational cost efficiency for our customers.

Omda solutions empower healthcare professionals to put patients at the forefront, caring with insight and confidence while also managing the administrative aspects of care in effective, streamlined workflows. Our decades of experience in developing specialised software for healthcare have resulted in tools that are intuitive, powerful and scalable. We want to free healthcare professionals to work more easily and effectively, knowing the systems they rely on are robust, intelligent and trustworthy.

Omda Emergency is an integrated, holistic set of software solutions that streamline workflows and resource allocation under extreme time pressure during an emergency. We have worked for many years with teams in many countries to arrive at an integrated toolkit that meets all ERT requirements and can easily integrate with or be configured alongside legacy systems.

We build continuously on our foundation of intelligent technologies to support process optimisation across the healthcare and emergency sectors. Our core platforms are continually extended to aggregate health information from across the care continuum for research and management purposes. Omda provides actionable data in clinical information systems so that all healthcare professionals and delivery networks can proactively support the well-being of relevant population cohorts and communities.

Omda safeware solutions are patient centric to permit more self-service healthcare linked to the hospital and healthcare providers. Patients feel more engaged and empowered when they can easily access their health record, find advice to lower their risk of illness or easily opt in to donor schemes. (Link to Omda Wellme)

Our health analytics tools make it easier to collate and conduct studies and comparisons of large datasets across all fields of medicine. Users can also configure their own studies to precise criteria, improving upon or taking fresh approaches to their area of focus. Published datasets can be examined for flaws or inconsistencies and design errors in earlier studies can be corrected to produce more accurate results. Whether your concern is individual treatments or population health dynamics you will find an invaluable resource in Omda's Health Analytics solution.

Omda solutions empower clinicians to put patients at the forefront, caring with insight and confidence while also managing the administrative aspects of care in e!ective and streamlined workflows.

We often work directly with end users to ensure that our solutions are intuitive, and adaptable.

Smarter Ways
Smarter Ways
Finding smarter ways to enable health and emergency providers to provide better care every day.
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