Health Analytics

Improving the quality, utility, and management of medical data from collection to analysis

Our secure standardised software makes it easy for clinical researchers and other professionals in medicine and academia to gather and analyse well-managed medical data to deliver breakthrough innovations in medical practice and scientific knowledge.

Service Offer

Omda Research
Omda Health Intelligence

Omda Research

Omda Research software provides comprehensive support for the entire spectrum of research approaches and requirements. Fast, easy access to relevant data and prior studies is matched with excellent analysis and data interrogation
Reliable, feature-rich, and highly customisable online environment for hosting and managing sophisticated study and clinical trial systems
Support for rich and interactive data entry forms and flexible workflow structures
Combines electronic data capture with data on patient-reported outcomes
Advanced capabilities for data analysis, querying, and exporting data
Support for advanced electronic case report forms (eCRFs) with real-time data validation
Ability to generate customisable reports based on real-time data sets
Randomisation capabilities and real-time patient and variable monitoring
Access to the complete Omda health analytics portfolio, ensuring customisation to fit specific protocols
Statistics and analysis
Complete online platform for hosting and managing registries
Tailored tools for each phase of the project’s life cycle
Supports advanced electronic case report forms (eCRFs) with real-time data validation
Customisable implementations
Registry-based randomised controlled trials
Feasibility studies
Flexibility in structuring projects and data entry workflows
Suite of tools for monitoring, displaying, and analysing collected data
Simplifies data extraction through an inteface for consistent query replication
Efficiently grants user access/roles and simplifies logging controls and data management
Facilitates building data warehouses and generating custom reports
Add-on modules for specialised features like complex statistical reporting
Robust web-based system for cataloguing, storing and tracking biomaterial sample data
Cross-referencing with patients’ clinical information
Comprehensive specimen management and retrieval
Traceability throughout the sample lifecycle
Filtering, sorting, and extraction of specimens based on clinical markers
Tools for managing logistical aspects of physical sample transfers
Advanced cataloguing and tracking of tissue samples used in tissue transplantation
Customisation to meet specific study requirements
Patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) and patient-reported experience measures (PREM) can be combined with phenotype/genotype data and blood data collected from clinical trials
Statistics and analysis
Web-based standalone solution
Enables collection of patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs/PREMs)
Provides access to patient-reported data in clinical trials
User-friendly interface supporting validated digital forms
Easy form distribution to large or subset groups in patient registry
Multiple use cases including comparison of treatment effects on self-reported health, health economic analyses and national comparisons through quality registries
Patient viewable charts for tracking personal progress

Omda Health Intelligence

Enabling researchers, healthcare professionals and organisations to harness the power of data to drive informed decisions and improve healthcare outcomes. Delivers a huge range of insight covering all areas of medical practice and management, facilitating enhanced patient care, operational efficiencies, optimised resource allocation, and supporting research and public health initiatives
Versatile solution for electronic data capture and decision support
Patient overview with comprehensive patient data including medical history and quality-of-life indicators
Structured framework with standardised terminology and pre-sets for data entry
Incorporates patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)
Support for evidence-based decision making such as development of treatment strategies, evaluation of new drugs, side effects etc.
Machine learning and predictive functionalities
Statistics and analysis
Secure and efficient data transfer to national quality registries or clinical trial databases
Comprehensive and customisable reports
Statistical tools for in-depth data analysis, trend identification, and predictive analytics
Patient overview: A consolidated view of patient information, including medical history, treatment progress, and outcomes
Cost analysis and resource management
Efficiency and quality improvement
Comparative benchmarking
Supports compliance with latest medical device regulations, streamlining data collection, analysis, and reporting to meet regulatory requirements
Efficient follow-up studies on pharmaceutical products
Cost-effective and efficient solution for data management, analysis, and reporting
Improved data quality
Leverages existing data sources, eliminating the need for additional patient recruitment

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Omda Compos
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Omda MedSciNet
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He is based in the company’s office in Halmstad, Sweden.

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