Molde Casualty Clinic goes live with cloud-based Omda AMIS solution

Earlier this year, the Molde Legevakt (casualty clinic) in Norway went live with its new cloud-based Omda AMIS implementation. While the clinic had been utilising an on-premises Omda AMIS installation, the transition to a cloud-based system opens up a wealth of new possibilities and is particularly well-suited to the organisation’s structure and size.

Adapting to the needs of the Norwegian healthcare system

Omda AMIS is a computer-aided dispatch system, designed for handling emergency calls and for coordinating all aspects of an emergency response. The solution is providing casualty clinics and out-of-hours services in Norway with a powerful digital platform for processing emergency calls and coordinating all aspects of the medical response.

In the Norwegian health service, casualty clinics (legevakten) play a pivotal role in emergency care. They supplement ambulance-centred emergency services and hospital emergency rooms, provide out-of-hours services and relieve pressure on valuable assets, such as emergency vehicles. Many casualty clinics have opted to implement a stripped-back, adapted version of Omda AMIS. As casualty clinics have distinct operational needs that differ considerably from large-scale hospital-based emergency services, this version of Omda AMIS removes unnecessary features and functionalities, emphasises others and simplifies and reconfigures the interface to better suit casualty clinics’ needs. The transition to cloud-based technology is an extension of this move toward greater solution specificity and a recognition that healthcare technology must become increasingly user-focused.

More direct support and solution management

Switching to a cloud-based solution benefits the Molde Legevakt in several ways. The cloud architecture ensures the solution is easier to upgrade and update, allowing for continual improvement and preventing system downtime. This results in a solution that is constantly evolving to meet customer needs.

As cloud-based systems enable the Omda product team to enter the Molde system and perform maintenance directly, all parties benefit from a more streamlined workflow. Resolving issues no longer requires information requests or back-and-forth communication between the Omda team and local IT. Omda developers can access information immediately and implement fixes with no delay.

A solution tailored to the specific needs of casualty clinics

Casualty clinics are typically smaller than many other municipal services. As such, they cannot necessarily bring significant organisational pressure to bear when they require technical support and assistance. Understandably, local IT support teams allocate resources based on the scale and urgency of demands, which can mean giving precedence to larger administrative services such as schools and social care.

The cloud-based Omda AMIS solution gives the Molde Legevakt a direct connection to the Omda solution support team, ensuring its voice is heard when it comes to technical issues and giving it greater influence. The value of this direct line to smaller emergency organisations cannot be underestimated. It makes them less reliant on busy internal IT support and enables them to better shape the solution to their operational needs.

Omda support drives efficiency

It is equally beneficial for the local IT teams who would usually work with Omda to provide support for on-premises solutions. With a cloud-based solution, they effectively outsource maintenance requirements entirely to the Omda product team. This reduces the workload for local teams and enables them to focus entirely on other areas of IT support.

Finally, because Omda provides support to all of the casualty clinics using cloud-based Omda AMIS, it can draw on the experience of all users to provide solutions. This results in the creation of a community of casualty clinics and a shared knowledge base on which to draw.

Toward a Cloud-based Future

The Molde cloud-based Omda AMIS installation is a significant step for the casualty clinic and ensures they benefit from a solution with almost zero downtime and a direct line to support. With other Norwegian casualty clinics recognising the benefits of a cloud-based solution, the Omda AMIS team looks forward to working with Molde Legevakt to demonstrate the power of our technology in this context.

Johan Hedensiö
Executive Vice President, Emergency

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