Medication Management

Decision support and medication management for safe and effective oncology treatments

Omda’s oncology solution uses clinically validated protocols and patient parameters to ensure safe, effective medication management for patients. The solution strengthens all aspects of medical care for cancer patients, with key information flowing seamlessly between prescribers, pharmacies, and nurses. It integrates support for all adult and paediatric cancers and cancer medications, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy and is therefore a valuable support to every area of oncology medication.

Service Offer

Omda Oncology
Omda Wellme

Omda Oncology

A complete medication management solution for cancer that supports treatments for all forms of the illness and enables transparent interaction between all contributing health professionals
Individualised dosing based on laboratory results
Individualised dosing informed by clinical observations
Based on national and international guidelines
Standardised protocols
Supported by relevant clinical studies and evidence
Effective planning with multiple courses in different approval stages
Identification and selection of the correct treatment course
Decision support when ordering the treatment
Overview of all treatment protocols
Access to the patient’s previous treatment history
Robust checks and balances to prevent erroneous data entries
Integration of patient demographics and lab information
Individualised dose calculations for each patient
Built-in dose calculations
Context integration
GMP-compliant versioning and traceability for production methods, productions, medication data, and more
Configurable workflow options, including electronic or paper-based with different controls for each pharmacy
Web-based pharmacy workflow module
Rounding rules for medications
Integration with external pharmacy systems and cytostatic compounding robots
Integration with national medicine repositories (SIL/FEST)
Support for generic substitution and tracking articles per location
FMD 2D barcode scanning
Electronic Administration (ELAS) accessible via a browser interface
Electronic template for nurse administration, supporting the 5R rule: Right patient, drug, dose, administration route, and time
Configurable check-points and controls per ward, protocol, and user role
Bedside administration with barcode scanning for enhanced safety and accuracy
Ability to perform non-pharmacy ward production
Full logging of actions and traceability in the adminstration report
System administration roles with the ability to modify global settings
GDPR audit log to ensure compliance with data protection regulations
Improves communication among healthcare personnel
Local installation at the customer’s premises safeguards sensitive data
Traffic encrypted in the browser-based Cytodose web application
Smart card authentication (SITHS) for secure user access
Possibility for high availability and server redundancy to minimise downtime
A class I CE-marked device according to the EU Medical Device Regulation. Currently under evaluation for class IIb .
GAMP5 compatibility for adherence to industry standards
User provisioning, access control, and role management in the User Manager web portal
Standard reports available
Advanced SQL views and the ‘Oncowarehouse’ feature for generating custom reports
Import/export treatment protocols via databases
Context sync functionality ensures synchronisation between applications
Configurable settings, such as language preferences, available in config files
Minimise medication waste
Streamline the workflow of healthcare personnel by providing comprehensive information within the system
Improved accessibility to patient data for efficient and informed decision-making
Mitigate the risk of common deviations and potential errors in treatment administration
Ensure conformity in treatment approaches, leading to more predictable outcomes
Seamless integration with cancer registries
Pre-defined reports
Possibility to create specialised statistics
Data warehouse

Omda Wellme

Patient app supporting home medication and information sharing between patients and clinicians on medicines taken, symptoms and effects
Encourages patients to take their treatment correctly
Enables patients to report the medications they take and any related side effects
Provides immediate notifications to patients regarding changes in their medication
Offers online prompts to remind patients to take their medicines
Allows clinical staff to monitor medication intake in the Omda Oncology solution
Secure patient login with BankID (SSN based)

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Omda Cytodose
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Knut Ivar Rødningen
Business Area Manager – Medication Management
He is based in the company’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

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