Robust systems for managing every aspect of emergency response

Omda Emergency offers a complete suite of systems that streamline workflows and resource allocation under extreme time pressure. This unique software portfolio ensures a safe and robust emergency response by supporting emergency call centre operators, dispatchers, first responders and casualty clinic staff. It also enables seamless sharing of critical patient information to emergency room doctors. With advanced analytics solutions, emergency organisations can leverage best-practice event simulation to model resourcing and operational changes, ensuring informed decision-making when planning ahead.

Service Offer

Omda Readiness
Omda Incident
Omda Response
Omda Performance

Omda Readiness

Industry-leading simulation software that enables emergency services to model operational decisions to optimise resource allocation, support data-driven decision-making and inform long-term strategic planning. The solution also enables dispatchers to make the right decision in real-time with advanced operations modelling and smart recommendations
Comprehensive emergency response modelling software for operational planning
Resource modelling and simulations for long-term planning
Forecasting and contingency planning
Simulate and analyse ‘what-if?’ scenarios and operational changes using discrete event simulation
Preparedness map
Embedded Omda analysts available for bespoke in-depth modelling
Advanced operations modelling and smart recommendations to dispatch staff
Learning from the past, predicting future demand and making the best call possible in the present
Real-time optimisation
Managed deployment
‘Look ahead’ view for anticipating future events and incidents
Playback mode to analyse historical incidents and improve decision-making
Customisable configuration to reflect organisation-specific policies and requirements

Omda Incident

Designed for handling emergency calls and for coordinating all aspects of an emergency response. The system coordinates both routine and emergency ambulance transport together with all critical resources such as aircraft, helicopters and personnel
Facilitating communications between all parties involved in the incident response
Call handling and distibution
Multi-party conference calling
Multimedia communication
Assistant monitoring
Getting a full and detailed view of the operational environment
Automatic positioning
Multi-layer map support
Multiple maps
Address and route search
Smart geolocated objects
Efficient handling and triage of incoming incidents
Data sharing
Common operational picture
Interview support
Medical decision support
Text transcription
Efficiently allocating resources to incidents, including decision-making support
Dispatch support
Automatic dispatch
Resource proposal

Omda Response

A comprehensive mobile solution for rescue vehicles and ambulances that includes a case handling and routing module for drivers and a patient record and medical support module for paramedics
A user-friendly mobile tool that assists emergency personnel in managing emergency workflows and gets the ambulance to the location of an incident as rapidly and safely as possible
Preparation support
Map support
Communication with emergency service centres and other operational units
Incident management tools
A modern and intuitive electronic medical record system that provides paramedics with up-to-date guidance on medical workflows and efficient documentation of medical care provided in ambulances
Comprehensive workflow and documentation support
Intuitive user interface with structured data input and dynamic checklists
Knowledge base with guidance on treatment, triage, and medicines
Messaging function for communication with healthcare professionals
Integration with medical systems and ECG monitors
Destination support
Hospital handover workflow
A mobile solution that supports incident commanders to handle critical and complex situations
Follows conceptual guidelines for incident management
Role-based functionality
Efficient information sharing
Map support for visualising incident locations and resources
Situational awareness
Structured reporting

Omda Performance

Perform detailed, comparative reporting and analysis of realtime, historical or simulated data across almost any aspect of performance
Real-time or scheduled reporting on recent or long-term performance
Case replay
Visually compelling formats such as charts, graphs, and maps
In-depth examination of historical performance outcomes, enabling analysis of key metrics, trends, and patterns
Analytics tools to uncover actionable intelligence

Product Profiles

Omda Optima
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Omda CoordCom
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Omda Paratus
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