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Trusted solutions to safeguard pregnancy, childbirth and infancy

With Omda’s range of maternity solutions, expectant mothers, hospital and maternity clinic staff can securely upload, access and share key medical information during pregnancy, childbirth and infancy. These dedicated cloud-based and on-premise solutions speed the flow of vital information, simplify data collection and improve risk assessment and management, and involve expectant mothers more closely in the health aspect of their pregnancy. With particular clinical advantages for complicated or high-risk deliveries, the portfolio ensures optimal care at every step. The set of solutions includes a complete assisted reproductive technology management system for the modern, paper-free fertility clinic.

Service Offer

Omda Fertility
Omda Maternity
Omda Wellme

Omda Fertility

Enables fertility clinics to make evidence-based treatment decisions. The solution enables the effective documentation of clinical data and simplifies administrative functions. The system is easy to configure so that clinics can retain existing routines and swiftly adapt to new methods or procedures
Comprehensive data management throughout the diagnostic and treatment process
Customisable and intuitive interface
Support for all aspects of reproductive diagnostics, treatment delivery and follow-up
Donor administration
Administration and business functions covering all aspects of clinic management
Data security and traceability
Statistical analysis and custom data reports
Reporting to national registries and regulatory bodies

Omda Maternity

Supports healthcare professionals in delivering a safe, comprehensive, and completely joined-up service for pregnancy and childbirth while maximising quality and efficiency at each stage. The solutions enable multidisciplinary collaboration throughout the entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring a holistic approach to care
Data entry, management, and sharing across the entire maternity care timeline
Accurate and up-to-date care information for better-connected care and evidence-based decision-making
Modules to track pregnancy data, ultrasounds and interventions/surgery
Modular design allows customisation to individual hospital workflows
Process-enhanced risk assessment
Increased data availability for clinical decision-making
Colour-coded icons and warning features highlight risks
Visual and graphic data export options for rapid analysis of maternity data
Integration across healthcare environments for comprehensive understanding of developments and patient care
Ultrasound module
Due date calculation
Estimation of fetal growth
Graphical display for clear visulaisation
Digital partogram provides advanced monitoring and real-time decision support during delivery
Intuitive interface and easy data entry for accurate documentation of events and care during delivery
Separate views for mother and child
One comprehensive view of events and the care provided: observations, medications, lab results
Data availability from the entire maternity care timeline for comprehensive understanding of developments and patient care
Data entry, management and sharing during postnatal care
Personalised care plans
Checklists for healthcare providers
ICD/NCSP coding for accurate documentation
Data insights to optimise working practices and identify performance trends
Improved clinical support for healthcare professionals through comprehensive patient data management
Solutions tailored to specific workflows save time, improve accuracy, and reduce administrative tasks
Collaborative tools improve coordination and communication between maternity care providers
Reporting to quality registries
Data entry, management and sharing for outpatient postnatal follow up
Postpartum assessments and optimising postnatal community care
Reporting to quality registries
Reporting to birth registries
Reporting to abortion registries
Reporting to pregnancy registries
Integration with hospital information systems (HIS)
Pre-defined reports
Possibility to create customer reports and statistics
Data warehouse
Integration with hospital information systems (HIS)
Integration with medical technology (Med.Tech) equipment
Integration with statistical analysis tools

Omda Wellme

A cloud-based platform with which expectant mothers and their carers can electronically exchange and access medical information at every stage of pregnancy and beyond
Home-monitoring and real-time data entry for expectant mothers
Integration across healthcare environments for comprehensive understanding of developments and patient care
Simplified communication between healthcare professionals and expectant mothers
Calendar and appointment functionality
Easy access to health questionnaires
Self-serve guidance and advice resources

Product Profiles

Omda Fertsoft
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Omda iPana Hospital
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Omda iPana Maternity
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Omda Partus
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Business Area Manager – Woman & Child
She is based in the company’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

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