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The emergency response sector is under more pressure than ever. Operating under shrinking budgets, organisations are expected to maintain performance standards while battling staff shortages, increased pressure on healthcare systems and broader social and environmental challenges. For many, advanced emergency management systems and software are the way forward and an answer to many of the questions posed by this demanding operational environment.

From modelling software that enables emergency organisations to optimise resource allocation to in-vehicle solutions that streamline workflows and support paramedics providing life-saving care, emergency management solutions improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and maximise the value of existing emergency assets. Here, we explore how emergency services solutions can benefit organisations and examine practical applications by looking at the Omda Emergency product portfolio.

Core benefits of emergency management software

Emergency management software delivers the most value when customer-focused and highly specialised. Emergency organisations need technology that reflects their operational reality and recognises that solutions are context-dependent. The operational, geographical and political intricacies of any emergency environment mean organisations benefit from solutions that speak to their specific needs and challenges.

However, in general, emergency management software benefits organisations in four broad ways:

1. Efficiency

Digital emergency management solutions enable organisations to do more with less by automating processes, streamlining workflows and optimising the value they can extract from assets.

2. Support

Emergency technology supports healthcare professionals in making informed decisions by providing easy access to relevant data, incorporating checks and balances, and delivering evidence-based guidance.

3. Operational oversight

Digital solutions facilitate improved operational oversight and a better understanding of how incidents are unfolding, enabling a more informed and considered response that results in superior outcomes.

4. Communication and collaboration

Emergency response technology empowers emergency responders by making it easier to communicate, collaborate and coordinate resources.

5. Analysis and reporting

Emergency management solutions collect significant amounts of data and include reporting tools that enable comprehensive analysis. This ensures organisations can identify and implement performance-enhancing measures.

Understanding Omda emergency management solutions

An industry leader in the emergency response sector, Omda works closely with customers to develop customer-focused solutions that prioritise an intuitive user experience, improved communication and collaboration, and greater workflow efficiency. We aim to help organisations overcome the sector’s most pressing challenges, empowering emergency organisations to improve performance while lowering costs.

The Omda Emergency product portfolio consists of four solutions.

Omda Readiness

Omda Readiness is groundbreaking simulation software that enables emergency services to model operational decisions before implementation, facilitating data-based decision-making and more efficient resource use. A valuable long-term strategic planning tool used to model everything from paramedic shift patterns to the location of new ambulance stations, Omda Readiness also assists dispatchers in real-time by providing smart recommendations.

As well as supporting emergency services with operational decision-making, Omda Readiness is also playing an increasingly significant role in providing the data required to manage and negotiate funding. By modelling response times and performance outcomes given set resources, the solution enables a more accurate understanding of the funding required to achieve certain service targets and standards.

Omda Incident

Omda Incident handles emergency calls and enables emergency services to coordinate all aspects of their response. It includes call-handling and distribution software, provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the operational environment, and enables efficient triage of incoming incidents. The solution’s reliable communication infrastructure facilitates communication between all agencies and assets involved in the response, making it ideally suited to multi-agency environments. Dispatch assist also ensures the most effective use of resources in emergencies.

Omda Incident benefits from several unique features and functionalities, including Continuous Operations, which facilitates a zero-downtime environment via parallel systems, NG112-oriented multimedia data capture, and the development of AI-assisted incident categorisation.

Omda Response

Omda Response is a comprehensive mobile solution for rescue vehicles and ambulances. It consists of an advanced navigation tool that ensures vehicles arrive at an incident as quickly and safely as possible, while assisting incident commanders manage complex responses via an intuitive map interface.

The solution also includes an electronic medical record system that supports paramedics providing care as the ambulance is en route to the hospital. Featuring a user-focused interface that prioritises streamlined interactions and provides guidance and support on medical workflows, the module ensures all actions and information are documented easily, accurately and efficiently.

Omda Performance

Omda Performance provides analysis and reporting solutions for the emergency sector. Designed to enable detailed, comparative reporting and allow users to analyse historical, real-time or simulated data relating to almost any aspect of performance, it provides actionable intelligence that enables emergency services to optimise performance.

The solution includes case replay functionality so users can revisit incidents, analyse them and identify potential improvements, or provide a full, detailed account of the response. It also reproduces data in visually compelling and easy-to-understand graphical outputs, including a range of charts, graphs and maps.

Omda Emergency solutions in action

To demonstrate how Omda Emergency solutions improve performance and benefit emergency organisations we created several case studies with existing customers.

Our Hato Hone St John Customer Case Study explores how this New Zealand ambulance service utilises Omda Readiness to meet its performance targets while ensuring the welfare and safety of its staff. It also covers the impact the solution has on negotiating funding arrangements.

The Welsh Ambulance Services Customer Case Study dives into the way Omda Readiness has become a critical part of the organisation’s decision-making processes and expands on the benefits of leveraging Omda’s Business Analyst expertise and building a strong collaborative partnership.

Finally, the Valencia 112 Customer Case Study details how Omda Incident enables the region’s fragmented emergency services environment to coordinate incident response across a geographically large and diverse area. It also focuses on the advantages of Omda’s user–focused approach to product development and evolution.

To learn more about Omda technology and how it can benefit your organisation, head to the Omda Emergency solutions page.

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