Omda ProSang’s Continued Expansion in Scandinavia

Omda’s innovative blood management solution, ProSang, continues to grow and is the preferred software platform among Scandinavian healthcare authorities. Implemented by the Skåne region in Sweden in 2022, the platform has now achieved complete market coverage, being utilised by all regional healthcare authorities across the country. In 2023, Omda ProSang will be rolled out in Region Hovedstaden (Capital Region) in Denmark as part of a comprehensive nation-wide contract.

Additional presence in Norway, Iceland and Latvia gives Omda ProSang a solid foundation to continue its growth, with 180 blood centres now utilising the platform. The solution’s recent success demonstrates the extent to which it meets customer needs, but also reflects a customer-centric approach that emphasises close collaboration with users and effective product development. It is also grounded in the Omda ProSang team’s extensive industry expertise and deep insight into customer challenges and pain points.

Understanding the solution and its success

Omda ProSang is an advanced blood, cell and tissue management system that enables end-to-end coverage of the collection, processing and delivery of blood products. While most customers use it primarily for blood management purposes, it also plays a prominent role in facilitating safe stem cell and organ transplant processes.

By offering customers a fully-documented process and complete traceability, the platform provides detailed oversight of the entire donor-to-recipient system. Process automation streamlines testing and analysis workflows and simplifies communication with donors. The solution has built-in safeguarding mechanisms to improve patient safety, and detailed statistics and analysis tools allow healthcare providers to get the most from their resources.

A blood management system with plenty of history

Many of these advanced functionalities have been developed in recent years. However, Omda ProSang’s history stretches back to 1965 and encompasses more than half a century of innovation. The initial Omda ProSang solution was based on early computing technology and utilised a punch-card system. As digital technology evolved, costs decreased and accessibility improved, the platform grew in scope and complexity. At the same time, developments in the way the healthcare sector collected, tested and processed blood, cells and tissues meant that Omda ProSang was further adapted to shifting customer realities.

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Customer-centricity is a core component

The close working relationships the Omda ProSang team builds with its customers are central to the solution’s success. The development of the platform has benefited from the team’s in-depth technical expertise and customer insight into the challenges associated with blood, cell and tissue management. The team organises several user conferences a year, creating an environment where customers can provide feedback and shape product development. It also enables customers to discuss how the sector is changing and propose ways Omda ProSang can help them respond to those changes. This encourages long-term collaboration and close working partnerships.

Benefitting from Omda ProSang team expertise

Built on more than six decades of development, few organisations have as thorough an understanding of blood management and the processes and technologies that facilitate it.

This is invaluable when designing and implementing complex management systems that meet diverse customer requirements across varied markets. While many healthcare professionals operate within a single part of the blood management system, the Omda ProSang team benefits from a holistic view of the entire donor-to-recipient journey. Lessons learned from one customer are also transposed to others, so benefits and improvements spread throughout the Omda ProSang network.

Looking to the future

Achieving complete market coverage in Sweden and Denmark represents excellent work by the Omda ProSang team. With more than half a century of history behind it, we aim to continue growing Omda ProSang by attracting new customers and increasing and improving functionality for existing partners. As healthcare organisations look for cost-effective digital solutions that improve efficiency and performance without compromising safety or service quality, we believe Omda ProSang is well-positioned to deliver.

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Daniel Wiman
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Daniel Wiman
Business Area Manager, Laboratory Information Management Systems

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