Omda ProSang 10 Is A Significant Next Step For Omda’s Blood Management Solution

In January 2024, Omda took the exciting next step of delivering a new Omda ProSang 10 release to its Danish partner, Region Syddanmark (Region of Southern Denmark). A significant milestone in a well-planned development journey, the latest version of Omda ProSang is the continuation of a process that began with customer consultations in 2020.

With 100% market coverage in Denmark and Sweden and a significant presence in Norway, Omda ProSang is the leading Blood Management solution in the Nordics. The release of a new version will cement this position, enhance its value to customers and deliver an improved user experience.

World-firsts and innovative new features

In a world first for blood management solutions, Omda ProSang 10 includes 2D barcode functionality, which streamlines scanning workflows and drastically reduces the number of scans required while maintaining patient safety and product integrity. Omda ProSang has provided full support for the international information standard in blood management (ISBT 128) for decades, and these combined functionalities ensure processes and workflows meet the highest levels of accuracy, safety and efficiency.

Omda ProSang 10 encompasses a complete rebuild of the solution’s Blood Component module, modernising both the back-end and user interface. Transitioning to a web-based system improves the team’s ability to support and maintain the solution, while a host of other enhancements guarantee improved performance for Omda ProSang users and customers.

Ingraining user-centricity from the start

In keeping with its commitment to continual evolution, Omda identified Omda ProSang’s Blood Component module as an area where it could improve the system’s value proposition. Responsible for producing, storing and releasing blood products, Omda wanted to redesign the Blood Component module to reflect contemporary user needs and keep pace with the latest blood management practices.

In 2020, Omda facilitated the creation of an expert reference group consisting of Medical Directors and Lab Technicians from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The group held regular monthly meetings and collaborated to define design requirements for the updated module, ensuring the new version of Omda ProSang would benefit from a user-centric build that meets the needs of each of its customers, across all countries.

Finding the perfect partners for Omda ProSang testing

Region Syddanmark was selected as the customer for the first implementation of Omda ProSang 10. With four hospital units, 22 blood collection sites and 12 blood issuing sites, it is considered a hub for healthcare innovation and facilitates more than 40,000 whole blood and 40,000 plasmapheresis collections every year.

In November 2022, Omda installed an early version of Omda ProSang 10 at OUH Odense University Hospital. Conducting 14-day development sprints, the Omda ProSang product team delivered a new environment every fortnight, enabling a continual feedback and improvement cycle. In June 2023, Omda installed a stable ProSang 10.0 release for acceptance testing. In December 2023 an improvement release 10.0.1 was installed and on 29 January 2024, the full product, Prosang 10.0.2, went live.

Close collaboration with customers is critical

The development process has been defined and greatly enhanced by close collaboration with Region Syddanmark, which has invested significant resources in testing the solution and has been an invaluable partner. At every stage, Omda ProSang 10’s development has demonstrated the extent to which Omda works closely with partners to ensure its solutions are user-focused, highly specialised and representative of the challenges healthcare professionals face today.

As the pilot moves forward, Omda aims to incorporate refinements made during the latest testing phase into an Omda Prosang 10.1 release that will be made available for other customers wanting to install it in a test environment. In the meantime, Omda will continue to work closely with Region Syddanmark to ensure Omda ProSang 10 delivers for all users and customers. 

Daniel Wiman
Business Area Manager, Laboratory Information Management Systems

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