Omda Blood Management Software Responds to Europe’s Ageing Population Challenge at the 2024 Vitalis eHealth Conference


10th May 2024, Norway – From 13th to 16th May 2024, the Omda LIMS team will showcase its pioneering blood management software at Vitalis, Scandinavia’s largest eHealth conference, at Stand B04:22. The event will spotlight the Omda Blood Establishment solution, a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed to revolutionise blood, cell, and tissue management across the healthcare sector.

The need for robust blood management solutions has become increasingly critical as highlighted in a recent Eurostat report (, which points to the rapidly ageing population in Europe and the consequent surge in demand for blood products. Older individuals are the primary consumers of these essential products, placing significant strain on the blood supply chain.

Key features and innovations of Omda Blood Establishment include:

  • End-to-end management solutions: Omda Blood Establishment optimises every aspect of the blood supply process from donation to transfusion, enhancing safety, and ensuring transparency across the management system
  • Advanced 2D scanning technology: This technology minimises the number of scans needed during product processing, significantly boosting efficiency and safeguarding product integrity and patient safety
  • Omda WellMe app: A user-friendly donor self-service application that enhances donor engagement by facilitating appointment bookings and integrating seamlessly with healthcare centres, thus helping organisations meet their blood collection targets effectively

The integration of these advanced technologies and processes addresses the challenges posed by the ageing demographic, as detailed in the Eurostat findings. The software’s capability to support the centralisation of regional blood management processes into a single administrative structure is particularly crucial for enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

“We are thrilled to demonstrate the capabilities of Omda Blood Establishment in addressing some of Europe’s most pressing health care challenges,” said Daniel Wiman, Business Area Manager for Omda LIMS. “Our system is not only designed to meet current demands but also to anticipate and adapt to future needs, ensuring a sustainable and efficient approach to blood management.”

The Omda team invites all attendees of the Vitalis eHealth Conference to visit Stand B04:22 to experience first-hand how Omda Blood Establishment is setting new standards in the management of blood, cell and tissue. For those interested in prearranging a meeting, please get in touch via the contact details provided.

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Helen Døcker
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

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