Region Västmanland in Sweden selects CSAM Cytodose

Region Västmanland in Sweden has selected CSAM’s medication management solution, CSAM Cytodose, to provide comprehensive system support for oncology treatments.

Region Västmanland will be the 13th Swedish region to implement CSAM Cytodose. With this new agreement, CSAM reaffirms its position as the leading provider of oncology medication management software in the Nordics.

CSAM Cytodose enhances the safety and efficiency of oncology treatments. Widely used across the Nordic region for almost two decades, the system utilises clinically validated protocols and patient parameters to support optimal treatment outcomes for cancer patients. The solution facilitates seamless collaboration between doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, streamlining the treatment process and improving patient care.

By automating critical processes and ensuring the “five rights” of medication use (right patient, right drug, right time, right dose, right route), the solution minimises errors in cancer treatments and enhances patient safety. The system’s interoperability extends to electronic patient records, laboratory systems, compounding robots, pharmacy billing, and inventory management systems, facilitating seamless information flow and improving overall efficiency.

“We are excited to see Region Västmanland joining the list of Swedish regions that have chosen CSAM Cytodose. It is an honour to once again be selected as the partner for digitalising the crucial workflows of oncology treatments, making them safer and more effective,” says Emelie Ahlberg, Business Area Manager, Medication Management.

CSAM’s continuous collaboration with healthcare professionals, commitment to security and compliance, and the time-saving features of CSAM Cytodose have contributed to its reputation as the leading oncology medication management software in the Nordics. The company’s focus on customer needs and ongoing updates to address evolving requirements further highlight its dedication to supporting the delivery of safe and effective oncology care.

Emelie Ahlberg
Business Area Manager, Medication Management

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