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Oncology information systems and software improve healthcare outcomes and enhance patient safety for individuals receiving cancer treatments. At the same time, oncology software delivers significant benefits to healthcare organisations and professionals. In many cases, it replaces pen-and-paper systems that are error-prone and inefficient, resulting in significant improvements in oncology care.

In a healthcare environment where the deficiencies associated with sub-optimal medication management can mean the difference between life and death, digital systems have the potential to transform oncology care, making it safer for patients, easier to manage for healthcare professionals and more efficient for healthcare organisations. Here, we explore the benefits of oncology information systems and digital solutions, using Omda Oncology to illustrate the power of these systems.

Introducing Omda Oncology software solution

Originally designed and developed by clinicians in Norway’s leading cancer treatment centre, Omda Oncology was launched in 2001. Benefitting from a 20-year record of stability, reliability and continuous improvement, healthcare regions across the Nordics utilise the solution to support optimal treatment for oncology patients.

Adopting a holistic approach to oncology care, Omda Oncology connects healthcare professionals across the entire oncology sector and supports all medical cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and co-medication.

The positive impact of using Omda Oncology

Omda Oncology benefits healthcare organisations, healthcare professionals and patients. On an organisational level, it connects the entire treatment pathway – from nurses at the bedside to lab technicians in the pharmacy – facilitating improved communication and collaboration. More efficient workflows result in improved efficiency, and accurate medication management reduces waste and cuts costs.

For healthcare professionals, Omda Oncology streamlines routine tasks, making it quicker and easier to perform the work that constitutes a significant part of day-to-day activities. At the same time, it provides easy-to-access and comprehensible information to support decision-making and ensures checks and balances are in place to prevent errors. Connecting all aspects of oncology healthcare provision improves communication and collaboration between teams while ensuring all professionals have a more comprehensive view of the treatment process.

Finally, Omda Oncology benefits patients by ensuring professionals can tailor their medication planning more effectively, increasing accuracy and protecting against human error during treatment. The result is a software solution that works for all stakeholders involved in oncology.

Understanding the Omda Oncology solution

Omda Oncology facilitates effective medication management across the entire oncology workflow, impacting all aspects of oncology care, from planning and prescribing to quality control and health analytics.


Omda Oncology enables patient-centred planning by facilitating individualised dosing based on laboratory results and clinical observations. At the same time, it improves patient safety by utilising standardised protocols based on national and international guidelines. The result is an advanced digital solution that empowers healthcare professionals by providing an effective planning tool that can handle multiple treatment courses.


The Omda Oncology solution supports healthcare professionals throughout the prescribing process by providing a comprehensive overview of the patient’s treatment history, automating dose calculations for each patient and ensuring robust checks and balances are in place to prevent errors. As well as assisting in identifying and selecting the correct treatment, the solution provides decision support when ordering that treatment.

Pharmacy production

Omda Oncology connects the pharmacy to all other areas of oncology healthcare and includes GMP-compliant versioning and traceability for production methods, productions and medication data. The web-based pharmacy workflow module is configurable and each pharmacy can establish different controls. FMD 2D barcode scanning streamlines workflows and integrations with external pharmacy systems, cytostatic compounding robots and national medicine repositories (SIL/FEST) improve efficiency.


The Electronic Administration (ELAS) system is accessible via a browser interface and includes electronic templates that assist nurse administration and support the Five Rs – right patient, right drug, right dose, right administration route and right time. All administration controls are configurable and can be adapted to different wards, protocols and user roles. Full traceability enhances patient safety, as does bedside barcode scanning.

Security and compliance

Security and compliance are baked into the Omda Oncology solution and system administrators have complete control over the solution’s global settings. The solution features a GDPR audit log and all traffic passing through the browser-based application is encrypted. Local, on-premises installation guarantees data integrity, while smart card authentication (SITHS) ensures secure user access. Omda Oncology is a Class I, CE-marked device according to the EU Medical Device Regulation and is GAMP5 compatible.

Customised management tools

Omda Oncology provides users with an array of management tools for user provisioning, access control and role management. Custom reports can be generated by the ‘Oncowarehouse’ feature and many system settings, including language preferences, are fully configurable.

Cost and quality control

Benefits are not restricted to care processes and outcomes. Omda Oncology improves organisational performance by minimising medication work and easing pressure on healthcare employees. Information is readily available to support decision-making, checks and balances eliminate human error and improved traceability, communication and collaboration ensure conformity in treatment approaches, resulting in more predictable outcomes.

Health analytics

As Omda Oncology collects significant amounts of data, it also contains a powerful analytics module that managers can use to monitor and improve performance. As well as pre-defined reports, users can create specialised statistics, ensuring a better understanding of treatment outcomes.

Omda – delivering highly specialised, user-focused software

Omda is an industry-leading provider of advanced digital healthcare technology. Guided by a desire to ensure healthcare providers benefit from smarter ways of working, Omda develops and delivers highly specialised solutions that seek to connect entire healthcare verticals and drive efficiencies, resulting in improved healthcare outcomes, enabling organisations to do more with less, and supporting healthcare professionals in providing the best possible care. Operating in a wide range of healthcare verticals, including Oncology Medication Management, Emergency, Woman & Child and Blood Management, among others, Omda leverages extensive healthcare and technology expertise to meet specific customer needs.

To learn more about Omda Oncology and how our oncology software solution can benefit your organisation, contact the Medication Management team.

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