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Complete solution for securely capturing, storing and sharing medical images

Omda Medical Imaging is a secure, end-to-end system for all types of medical images – capturing, storing, sharing and archiving – with capabilities for legacy formats as well as the latest digital image innovations. With Omda tools health professionals can collaborate easily and securely to make the best decisions for patients. These software solutions are trusted by medical organisations of all sizes – from small clinics to large regional and national imaging networks. Their innovative feature set reflects the modern workflows of health professionals, including mobile image management and secure, high-volume transfers.

Service Offer

Omda Capture
Omda Medialab
Omda ECG

Omda Capture

Intuitive applications for frontline healthcare professionals to take medical images on mobile devices or through seamless integration with a wide range of connected hardware, such as DSLR cameras, microscopes, and endoscopes, and transfer them quickly and securely to the diagnostic ecosystems of Omda’s imaging solutions
Hand-held and connected medical imaging app
Supports capturing photos and videos with accompanying notes
Broad range of use cases, including wounds, trauma, dermatological changes, and more
Fully compliant with data privacy regulations and safeguards confidential patient data
User-friendly interface with cropping, trimming, and commenting functionalities
Works on both Android and Apple devices
Through Omda’s imaging products, integrates closely with existing systems, including electronic patient records (EPRs) and patient information systems
Improves clinical workflows, making them faster, easier, and less prone to error
Capture and store images from live video sources using a unified system
See recorded images and videos in any browser on your network in near real-time
Save bookmarks, comments and snapshots with the use of external devices such as foot pedals, endoscope buttons etc.
Standard interface for all windows video sources and spesialised deep integration to selected DSLR cameras and video encoders

Omda Medialab

Whether still or moving image, the system captures and stores efficiently and securely. In addition to secure storage and retrieval the system offers diagnostic tools to support clinical analysis
Capture and store images from different sources using a unified system
Storage of images of all formats, including current standard formats and older legacy formats
Easy access and retrieval of patient images regardless of the modality or format used
Web-based imaging solution for complete multimedia management
Supports a broad range of medical disciplines, devices, and types of media
Scalable solution suitable for single-use installations or hospital-wide deployments
Configurable workflows
Vendor-neutral and flexible software compatible with various media sources and hospital information systems
Real-time capture, storage, and archiving of images, scans, videos, and notes
Supports the complete workflow from order creation to distributed viewing
Seamless integration with hospital imaging equipment, clinical systems and electronic patient records
Reviewing and interpreting images
Tools for image improvements
On screen measurements and comparisons
Annotation of data with observations and notes

Omda ECG

Complete ECG and diagnostic storage tool
Vendor-agnostic system that captures signals from any ECG device and makes the data available in patient journals
Allows simultaneous data uploads from multiple medical devices
Modern and user-friendly web interface for ECG diagnostics
Enables authorised personnel to work on the same document from different locations
Provides direct linking capability for hospitals and local health centers within a regional health authority
Supports various file formats, including XMLs, PDFs, and scanned hardcopy printouts
Displays patient data, ECG information, and remarks in a single view, including side-by-side or overlayed comparison to previous ECGs
Advanced workflow for second opinion

Product Profile

Omda Cardio
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Omda Media
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Omda Medimaker
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Omda Picsara
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Svein-Harald Utgård
Business Area Manager – Medical Imaging
He is based in the company’s office in Tromsø, Norway.

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