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Solutions for secure information sharing and collaboration across healthcare domains

Omda offers a range of solutions for patient data to be securely shared by healthcare professionals collaborating across different departments and organisations, as well as with patients. Omda’s application infrastructure and security components mean clients can implement complex, customised intra- and inter-hospital workflows. The solutions collate data from a variety of systems directly into patient journals, supporting healthcare professionals in their day-to-day work through an easy-to-use interface. For patients being treated at home Omda’s comprehensive, cloud-based solution means they and their healthcare team can interact easily at low cost through a web interface or mobile applications.

Service Offer

Omda Health Connect
Omda Archive
Omda Wellme

Omda Health Connect

Solutions for quick, secure, compliant exchange of confidential patient data between healthcare organisations, regardless of origin
Seamless integration of healthcare software solutions
Vendor agnostic
Enables data flow, real-time data exchange and synchronisation between systems
Simplifies and streamlines data migration
Facilitiates the integration and adoption of new technologies
Enhances care coordination and patient outcomes through integrated workflows and improved data management and accessibility
Encryption, compression, and secure transfer of patient information
Ensures confidentiality and compliance with data protection requirements
Configurable access rights and secure user authentication
End-to-end encryption, including unique encryption key for each communication session or organisation
Fast and compliant transfer of large volume patient information such as medical images, reports, or patient records
Customisable functionality and integration with other applications
Scalable solution suitable for organisations of any size
Comprehensive dataflow and workflow monitoring within and across products and systems
Enables tracking progression of events/processes, allowing users to visualise and analyse the flow of data
Comprehensive encryption
Search and retrieve log records, providing insights into system activities, events, and errors
Enables systemwide analysis of process efficiency and identification of chokepoints
Facilitates resource planning for improved operational performance
A fully integrated system for teleradiology, for efficient sharing of radiological information among healthcare organisations regardless of their respective RIS, PACS, or EPR/EHR systems
Vendor agnostic
Capable of securely handling and transferring large amounts of data, such as MRI scans
End-to-end encryption and compliance with data protection regulations
User-friendly interface and intuitive workflow

Omda Archive

A central archive for storing and managing all types of clinical patient data. Users can store and quickly retrieve patient medical data, including audio or video files, lab reports, with no limits on file size or content
A central archive with advance infrastructure for storing and managing all types of clinical patient data
Vendor agnostic
Complaint with the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) standard
Secure storage and efficient file management for patient medical history, journals, images, videos, documents, reports
Safe and compliant data transfer with end-to-end encryption of all data
Secure user authentication
Ensures information sharing and easy retrieval of critical patient information between healthcare organisations
Flexible and scalable to organisations of any size or increase in users, traffic, or data storage requirements
Intuitive interface gives healthcare professionals quick access to patient data at the point of care

Omda Wellme

A comprehensive self-care and health counselling solution for patients that can be treated at home. The cloud-based platform allow patients and healthcare providers to interact in a safe, convenient and cost-effective way through a web interface or mobile applications
User friendly self-care and health counselling platform
Access to range of integrated services and information from providers such as laboratories, hospitals and clinics
User authentication
Secure web-based video and chat communication with healthcare professionals
At-home measurements and real time sharing
Online preliminary forms
Access to personal health information and progress, such as test results
Access to resources for preventive healthcare
Secure service environment for healthcare providers
Integrates digital services from different actors into a single service channel
Enables convenient and cost-effective communication and healthcare delivery
Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure, including patient record systems and appointment books
Enables secure chat and video consultations, or full video-based appointments
Supports mobile-friendly access and compatibility with home measurement devices
Patient portal gives access to health data, online appointment books, and preliminary patient forms, reducing administrative workload
Peer support functionality
Modular design allows for customisation and phased implementation based on specific service requirements

Product Profiles

Omda Arcidis
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Omda Helsemail
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Omda Plutus
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Omda S7
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Omda XDS
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He is based in the company’s office in Tromsø, Norway.

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