Transactions carried out under the share buy-back programme

Please see below information about transactions made under the share buy-back programme Omda AS (“Omda” or the “Company”) (Ticker: Omda NO).

Date on which the share buy-back programme was announced: 30 November 2022.

The duration of the buy-back programme: 20 January 2023 until and including the day before the Company’s Annual General Meeting in 2024.

Size of the buy-back programme: Up to 666,666 shares, for a maximum consideration of NOK 20,000,000.

From 12 October 2023 until 20 October 2023 Omda has purchased a total of 27,611 own shares at an average price of 33.0870 per share.

Aggregated overview of transactions per day:

DateAggregate daily volume (# of shares)Weighted average price (NOK)Total transaction value (NOK)
12.10.2023 00:00:005,94834.4347204,817.60
13.10.2023 00:00:004,51332.9123148,533.30
16.10.2023 00:00:003,93533.5683132,091.20
17.10.2023 00:00:003,68332.4248119,420.50
18.10.2023 00:00:003,95032.9561130,176.50
19.10.2023 00:00:001,62731.923751,939.90
20.10.2023 00:00:003,95532.0066126,586.30
Previously disclosed buy-backs under the programme (aggregate)302,16938.817111,729,328.77
Total purchased under the programme329,78038.337412,642,894.07

This information is published in accordance with the requirements in article 5 of the EU Market Abuse Regulation and subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to Section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

Appendix: A detailed overview of all transactions made under the buy-back programme that have been carried out during the above-mentioned time period is attached to this report. Download appendix.

For more information, please contact:
Einar Bonnevie
Chief Financial Officer
+47 91 55 45 32

About Omda

Omda is the leading provider of specialised software for healthcare in the Nordics with a growing presence in Europe, North America and the Pacific region. The company serves more than 500 customers in 27 countries and employs almost 300 dedicated specialists. Our highly specialised healthcare solutions empower medical professionals and emergency responders, enabling them to know more and work smarter. With a focus on user-centric design, value-driven development and close working relationships with customers, Omda delivers solutions that enhance patient safety and improve healthcare outcomes.

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Transactions carried out under the share buy-back programme
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Transactions carried out under the share buy-back programme
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