Omda Picsara

Versatile and secure image management solution

Omda Picsara is an end-to-end image management solution for the real-time capture, storage, and archiving of non-radiological medical images. Offering a marked advance in the quality of image documentation, accuracy, and care, the system has been used successfully for years by many of Sweden’s health regions.

Omda Picsara works with most medical devices and types of media, making it versatile and suitable for any medical discipline. It integrates seamlessly with other clinical and patient systems to enable a frictionless flow of information. This ability to quickly share images that are critical to diagnosis with other clinicians and integrate them with patient records, speeds up treatment and optimises outcomes.

Because Omda Picsara stores its media in a central database, patients can be moved confidently between healthcare specialists and clinical settings without important or sensitive data being lost.

The power of Omda Picsara is amplified when it is linked to Omda CIMA (short for ‘clinical imaging mobile application’) which enables medical professionals to capture photos or video with a mobile device and transfer the data directly to Omda Picsara where it can be integrated with a patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Game-changing functionality

Omda Picsara meets all image management needs – from capture to analysis to storing – in one easy-to-use system. Its functionality allows users to capture images from external devices such as digital cameras, scanners, endoscopes, microscopes, video cameras, and digital video sources, making it suitable for most medical disciplines.

The system enables users to manipulate, analyse, and perform measurements on images. It also allows comparison of previous images of the same patient, such as before and after treatment, or reference images. It provides tools for image improvement, including sharpness, contrast, and brightness, as well as several filters to simplify image analysis.

One of the game-changers of Omda Picsara is its ability to capture images while viewing live video, making it easier to identify the exact object for image capture.

Documentation that improves patient outcomes

With digital patient records becoming increasingly critical in healthcare, Omda Picsara assists with precise documentation of examinations and consultations, improving patient care and reducing the risk of errors or redundancies. The system allows patients to see different healthcare professionals, and transfer between departments without their medical data or history becoming lost.

Omda Picsara permits the storage of images, scans and videos, along with notes, to help document changes in patient status. It assists healthcare professionals in the enhanced documentation of images and data, promoting the precise and objective tracking and analysis of patient developments. Omda Picsara allows quantitative measurements of all kinds.

Integration and scalability for any clinical use case

Omda Picsara’s flexible interface simplifies integration with existing IT and digital healthcare information systems, including electronic patient records (EPRs) and patient information systems. It also allows integration with regional and national archiving solutions, such as XDS and PACS, enabling long-term storage use.

The system facilitates all levels of data capture, storage, and archiving. It is compatible with a wide variety of medical devices, including endoscopy, ophthalmology, skin diseases and more, allowing it to be deployed for a wide variety of medical disciplines.

Omda Picsara is a flexible and scalable solution that can be adjusted to fit the needs of any organisation or clinical environment. The solution is suitable for single-use installations in clinics or hospital-wide installations, even spanning a large geographical location. Thousands of clinicians in some of Sweden’s leading hospitals are currently using Omda Picsara.

Why Omda Picsara

  • Trusted. Omda Picsara is a proven solution that has been used to great effect by many of Sweden’s health regions.
  • Faster data sharing and diagnosis. Near real-time image management speeds up diagnoses leading to better patient outcomes.
  • Centralised data. With Omda Picsara, images and video can be organised, stored, and shared with other users in a central database. In this way, healthcare institutions, clinicians, and laboratories can share large amounts of digital information with ease.
  • Versatile technology. Omda Picsara is a vendor-neutral, versatile, and flexible software that provides clinicians across many specialties with sophisticated features to capture, analyse, store and review images both efficiently and securely. Omda Picsara integrates easily with dozens of different media sources and hospital information systems, including electronic patient records (EPRs).
  • Safe and secure patient data. Omda Picsara ensures the highest standards of safety and security for confidential patient data, including images and related information, with secure log-in and configurable access rights.


Class IIa according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD)

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