Omda Medimaker

A comprehensive image management and workflow solution

Omda Medimaker is a web-based imaging solution for complete multimedia management. It provides the real-time capture, storage, and archiving of medical images to enable secure and cost-effective information sharing. Today, thousands of health workers rely on Omda Medimaker to quickly share millions of outcome-critical images.

The system was developed and is continuously updated in cooperation with health practitioners. Omda partners with customers, listening and responding to their unique needs and requirements, to develop products that deliver the best outcomes for their patients, and the greatest value for their operations.

As with all Omda’s products, the system adheres to the highest standards of quality. Omda Medimaker is a CE certified class IIa medical device, approved for clinical use.

Versatile and complete

Omda Medimaker is highly intuitive imaging solution and supports a broad range of medical disciplines, devices, and types of media. It can be customised to meet the imaging and diagnostic needs of every healthcare institution and integrates with all existing health information systems.

The system has four key components: a Java web start application for capturing and viewing, a web interface for multimedia archiving, an integration component that configures to any integration, and advanced administrative tools.

Omda Medimaker can be leveraged to work with mobile devices in all clinical settings through the companion software Omda CIMA (short for ‘clinical imaging mobile application’). This allows medical professionals to capture photos or video on a mobile device and then transfer the data directly and securely to Omda Medimaker where it can be integrated with a patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Omda Medimaker can organise, store, and share large quantities of images in a central database with controlled access. This enables authorised personnel to compare patient images to previous images or reference images. Medimaker also features a web-based tool for remote consultation on medical media, improving the handling of urgent image-led diagnoses.  

End-to-end support

Omda Medimaker features highly configurable workflows that are optimised for clinical media capture and analysis. The system makes it easy to fill out diagnostic reports, creating a fast, dependable, and standardised process. It supports the entire clinical workflow – from order creation to distribution viewing.

Omda Medimaker features sophisticated structured diagnostic report templates that make the treatment process more fluid and reliable.

Seamless integration

Omda Medimaker is a fully integrated solution that facilitates data capture, storage, and archiving within a medical facility. The solution integrates with hospital imaging devices and equipment, which enables image production, diagnosis, statements, and archiving.

Omda Medimaker is compatible with any visible light and ultrasound imaging modality, making it ideal for a variety of medical specialities. It is successfully used in ultrasound, endoscopy (RIS/HIS), ophthalmology, dermatology, and more.

The solution integrates closely with existing information systems, including electronic patient records (EPRs) and patient information systems. Omda Medimaker also allows integration with regional and national archiving solutions, such as XDS and PACS, enabling long-term storage use.


Omda Medimaker is a flexible and scalable web-based solution that can be customised to align with the requirements of any healthcare body or clinical environment.  It can be easily scaled to any increase in users or traffic.

The system can also be delivered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, providing health institutions with complete technical security and cost-effective implementation.

Omda Medimaker delivers best-in-class imaging workflow support, with the flexibility and adaptability to grow with any organisational or healthcare system change.

Next-level administrative tools

Omda Medimaker features intuitive web interfaces for administrators to add or modify users, manage user and group permissions, as well as its report templates and multimedia archive.

The system includes a case library of images that are useful for training purposes.

Medimaker contributes to academic research with a functionality to search and filter patient examinations and diagnoses – with the results anonymised. It also enables data entered and saved in diagnostic reports to be retrieved and used for statistical purposes, monitoring, or quality assurance.

Why Omda Medimaker

  • A proven solution: Omda Medimaker has improved and speeded up diagnoses for thousands of patients and has handled millions of medical images across every type of clinical use case.
  • Rigorously tested and monitored: Omda Medimaker is a CE certified class IIa medical device approved for clinical use.
  • Complete and configurable: Omda Medimaker supports the complete workflow, from order creation to distributed viewing. These workflows are highly configurable and optimised for clinical media capture and analysis.
  • Holistic integration to facilitate sharing: Omda Medimaker integrates seamlessly with hospital imaging equipment as well as patient systems such as electronic health records.
  • Advanced multimedia management: Omda Medimaker allows health workers to manipulate, analyse, and perform measurements on images. With access to the central image database, they are also able to compare patient and reference images, or previous images of the same patient.
  • Mobile-ready: Omda Medimaker’s complementarity with Omda CIMA makes sharing even more convenient, a critical use case in the sparsely populated Nordics.
  • Safe and secure patient data: Omda Medimaker features advanced security to safeguard confidential patient data with secure log-in and configurable access rights. The system’s archive structure defines user rights according to particular fields so that images in a specific field are only accessible to the appropriate users.

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Svein-Harald Utgård
Business Area Manager – Medical Imaging
He is based in the company’s office in Tromsø, Norway.

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