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Omda CIMA stands for Omda “clinical imaging mobile application”. This intuitive app extends the power of other Omda imaging solutions by allowing frontline healthcare workers to take medical images on their mobile devices and transfer them quickly and securely to the diagnostic ecosystems of Omda Medimaker and Omda Picsara.

The Omda CIMA app supports a broad range of medical professionals and disciplines in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The application can be used to document photos as well as video with accompanying notes on wounds, dermatological changes, head trauma, burn wounds, and other A&E emergency cases, post-surgery healing, assault and domestic abuse injuries, weight changes, physiotherapy, and more.

Omda CIMA is fully compliant with data privacy regulations, and it safeguards confidential patient data. All images, videos, and notes are encrypted and sent directly to the image management system of the health institutionwhere it can be integrated with a patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Omda CIMA integrates with Omda WebClient, as well as Omda Medimaker and Picsara, providing unified sharing of all medical media at the touch of an icon.

Omda CIMA brings media capture to the point of care, improving documentation, reducing time to diagnosis and treatment, and enhancing patient care – all in a simple and secure mobile application.

Unbroken workflows save valuable time

Omda CIMA improves clinical workflows by making them faster, easier, and less prone to error. Prior to Omda CIMA, clinicians could take medical images with a mobile device, but would then have to physically connect it with a hard wire to the existing medical imaging system. Omda CIMA eliminates this common pain point.

With Omda CIMA, users can crop images, trim video, and make comments on a media file directly on their mobile device. Because it enables effortless sharing of critical patient information, the time to diagnosis is reduced, optimising quality of care.

Secure and compliant documentation of patient data

The Omda CIMA mobile application meets the highest standards of safety and security for confidential patient data captured and handled on a mobile device. By making the use of private mobile devices redundant, Omda CIMA removes a potential weak link in the compliant and secure transfer of data to a patient’s file.

Omda CIMA also reduces the risk of errors or incomplete patient files. The application displays which patient the user is working with, ensuring images or videos are uploaded to the correct patient file. If a user is offline, the images or video are sent as soon as the application is online, ensuring confidential files are never stored on a user’s mobile device.

Seamless integration for a broad range of use cases

Omda CIMA features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to capture and use images or video from any mobile phone. The Omda CIMA mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store and works on both Android phones and Apple devices.

Omda CIMA cooperates seamlessly with other Omda imaging products, providing unified and comprehensive sharing of all digital medical media across an organisation or between organisations. Through Omda’s imaging products, the system integrates closely with existing systems, including electronic patient records (EPRs) and patient information systems.

The Omda CIMA mobile application is suitable for single users or multiple users within a department, sharing a single mobile device. The application pairs easily with a customer’s existing server for quick start-up and use.

Why Omda CIMA

  • Frontline and emergency imaging. Omda CIMA can be used to capture a variety of medical images and videos, including documentation of wounds, dermatological changes, head trauma, burn wounds, and other A&E emergency cases, assault and domestic abuse injuries, weight changes, physiotherapy, and more.
  • Ease of use. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface; photos or video can be taken at the touch of an icon. Users can search and select a patient; Omda CIMA automatically displays the patient at the top of the screen, ensuring the media is linked to the right patient file upon transfer.
  • Comprehensive on-the-go functionality. With Omda CIMA, users can capture images and video, crop photos, trim videos, and make notes on a file. When a user is finished taking photos or videos, the app provides a snapshot view of all media, where they can send or delete files.
  • Unified storage of medical media. Omda CIMA integrates with Omda Picsara, Omda Medimaker and Omda WebClient, delivering unified storage of all medical media. Images, videos, and notes are easily transferred from the mobile application to the Omda image solutions.
  • Secure and compliant mobile media management. The Omda CIMA mobile application is a fully compliant solution that safeguards confidential patient data taken on and sent from a mobile device. All images, video, and notes in Omda CIMA are encrypted and sent directly to the selected Omda image management solution. Once an image or video has been forwarded, it is automatically deleted from the app. Data is further protected with two-factor identification, ensuring only approved users can access the data.

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Svein-Harald Utgård
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