Omda Helsemail

Patient data transfer tool

Fast and compliant transfer of large-volume patient data

Omda HelseMail delivers the quick, easy, and compliant transfer of confidential patient data, on both Norsk Helsenett (NHN) and via the internet. The system is used by insurance firms, private health clinics, and public hospitals. Omda HelseMail is so affordable and intuitive to use that many insurers now insist their healthcare suppliers use the system.

Omda HelseMail is intuitive and easy to use, with an interface similar to Microsoft Outlook. The system is installed on a PC or as a server/client-solution in the network with a simple and flexible connection. The solution can be installed quickly, so users can begin sending and receiving messages immediately.

Omda HelseMail can also be customised with an organisation’s desired functionality or integrated with other applications.

With more than 2 million messages sent by hundreds of users, Omda HelseMail is the leading secure email solution for healthcare customers in Norway.

Next-generation capabilities

With Omda HelseMail, an 80-150mb MRI can be encrypted, compressed, and transferred between a radiology institute and radiologists in less than a minute. The system allows large volumes of data and all types of attachments.

The heart of Omda HelseMail is its proprietary and patented transport agent which provides authentication, packing, encryption, compression, distribution, prioritisation and validation of info and data. All data is end-to-end encrypted based on the AES 256 encryption standard (US defence and intelligence service standard). All users are assigned encryption keys for each legal entity.

Tightest compliance and security

Omda HelseMail meets all compliance and confidentiality requirements for the handling of sensitive patient information. Before information is shared, a legal agreement is established between the organisations or legal entities that wish to exchange patient information through the solution.

Communication in Omda HelseMail goes from a “secure zone” of the sender to a “secure zone” of the receiver, and all data is end-to-end encrypted. Every organisation using Omda HelseMail must set up rights for each user (read, write, delete, shared folder, and others) as well as for the users with whom they communicate. All communications via Omda HelseMail go to and from predefined groups set up by each legal entity.

An add-on is HelseMail Postbox which is a solution for Omda Helsemail customers to communicate with their patients or whomever they like via a secure web page.

Interface and integrations

Omda HelseMail is a simple and user-friendly solution with an interface and functionality that is similar to standard email solutions. The software also allows for seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, giving users the option to use Outlook as their email client as long as they are in a secure zone.

With Omda HelseMail, users can send and receive all types of information and attachments, including files (such as invoices and referrals), folders (for example, DICOM folders), as well as images from MRIs, CT scans, PET scans and X-Rays.

Omda HelseMail offers exceptional flexibility with additional plug-ins available to extend functionality and interoperability for local users. It can be integrated with a viewer for users to conduct measurements in preparation for surgery or other procedures. The solution also allows users to upload to Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), as well as query and retrieve from PACS. In addition, it offers a PDF printer from Radiology Information Systems (RIS) or patient journal systems.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Omda HelseMail enables emails to groups, ensuring that all necessary people can view and respond to messages. Users can belong to several groups, and groups can be visible internally or externally.

When a user sends an email in Omda HelseMail, they can see if the recipient has received it. If a user accidentally sends the wrong file, they can cancel sending and see who has opened and downloaded the file, reducing potential errors, and improving patient safety.

Customisation options

Omda HelseMail can be customised with an organisation’s desired functionality or integrated with other applications by creating plug-ins or add-ons.

Many plug-ins are available for Omda HelseMail, including exports to PDF, print to Omda HelseMail (as an attachment), archive in Omda HelseMail, Post-it notes, PACS communication, support for attaching DICOM images and external notifications, as well as simple integration via PDF writer. The solution also offers an API for customers that want their own custom integration.

Why OMDA HelseMail?

  • Intuitive, affordable, compliant
  • More than 2m protected messages sent in Norway
  • Radiology images can be encrypted, compressed, and sent in less than a minute
  • Integrates with PACS and RIS

Huge range of customisation options

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