CSAM Health Group and Incendium join forces to provide live video for emergency responders

Partnering to enable secure live video capability in emergency calls

EENA Conference, Riga, Latvia, October 5th, 2021: CSAM Health Group AS, a leading provider of niche eHealth and public safety solutions in the Nordics, pan-Europe and beyond, and specialist provider of secure live streaming services, Incendium A/S, have entered into a cooperation to secure and streamline delivery of video for emergency response. CSAM has integrated Incendium’s SMS-to-Video solution into its CSAM CoordCom emergency response management tool.

The integration of video capability from Incendium enables CSAM to provide additional critical support for emergency responders and live video capability to its CoordCom public safety customers.

CSAM CoordCom is a fully integrated platform for coordinating the entire chain of emergency or incident response – from time of call to resources allocation. The benchmark solutions increase the speed of every aspect of emergency response and furnishes critical features including automatic call distribution, advanced maps, two-way case communication, and access to real-time information for all parties.

CSAM CoordCom can be scaled to fit operational needs with a flexibly scope ranging from a single user to a platform serving thousands of users and enabling the highest possible level of availability. The solution provides integrated functions for telephony, radio, and data communication.

  • CSAM Public Safety and Incendium teams will present the joint solution at the EENA 2021 Conference & Expo (European Emergency Number Association), Riga, Latvia, Oct. 6th-8th.


  • EENA Conference brings together over 400 emergency professionals from over 40 countries around the world. More information about EENA here: https://eenaconference.org/


“We see great potential in working with Incendium, says Jonas Reinfeldt, Head of Product Management at CSAM Public Safety. The addition of live video to emergency response will contribute to faster and more accurate real-time assessment – which in the long run will save lives.”

Every second counts – CSAM Public Safety’s motto is “every second counts”, aiming to deliver world-class, flexible solutions that streamline and simplify alarm chain workflow for responders – from incoming calls to closed cases.

– “CSAM chose Incendium’s SMS-to-Video solution based on several factors, continues Reinfeldt. It was essential that a secure, proven video solution could be integrated into our platform to reduce complexity for users and provide one complete offering. In addition, functionality enabling an operator to start video at any time during a call, was critical. Example: If a caller has difficulty describing what he or she is seeing, or during a medical incident where video makes the assessment more reliable.”

“Incendium is excited to participate in this journey with CSAM by contributing with our long experience and proven product, says Asger Plæhn, Sales Manager at Incendium Our common approach to standardisation and API provides customers across system landscapes with a future-proof solution that will not only assist emergency services, but ultimately help to save lives.”

– “As one of the foremost eHealth and public safety solutions providers, CSAM has the reach and resources to create the right software solutions and infrastructure necessary to meet the high demands of alarm and control centres,. We see CSAM Public Safety as provider of world-class technology an important partner moving forward.”

About CSAM
CSAM has established itself as a leading niche player in the Nordics, pan-Europe and beyond in the specialised eHealth market with a unique blend of best-in-class innovative technology, and outstanding human skills. The company’s benchmark portfolio of niche software solutions enables healthcare providers to access relevant data at point of care and provides emergency responders with critical information that saves lives. CSAM’s commercial headquarters are in Oslo, Norway. In addition, CSAM is represented in 10 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America, including a wholly owned software engineering subsidiary in the Philippines.

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About Incendium

Incendium develop innovative solutions on the basis of customer needs. We are experts in mobile live streaming and are passionate about creating enhanced safety and security through user-friendly tools that work – every time. Our IncidentShare and SMS-to-Video solution for Public Safety Answering Points are widely used in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and secures video from any type of incident and helps emergency call centres to save valuable time, resources and ultimately the live of citizens in distress.

For more information, visit www.incendium.dk
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Media contact Incendium
Asger Plæhn
Head of sales and Marketing
+45 29 99 92 81

Johan Hedensiö
Executive Vice President, Emergency

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