A Model Future: Simulation Solutions and Staff Welfare in Emergency Services

Omda Readiness and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust presentation at Vitalis 2024

Today, staff welfare is a defining issue in the emergency service sector. From employee performance and team morale to talent attraction and retention, staff welfare has a profound effect on emergency services’ abilities to meet targets, deliver appropriate levels of care and implement long-term strategies. Poor staff morale and high employee turnover are disruptive, expensive and result in sub-optimal service provision.

Against this backdrop, at the 2024 Vitalis eHealth Conference in Gothenburg, Omda Readiness and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST) presented an innovative approach to improving staff welfare, powered by advanced simulation and modelling technologies. By leveraging these cutting-edge capabilities, Omda Readiness equips WAST with the tools to meticulously analyse and optimise operational variables impacting staff wellbeing.

Omda’s Senior Solutions Architect, Tef Jansma, and Hugh Bennett, WAST’s Assistant Director of Commissioning & Performance, shed light on how Omda Readiness translates real-world data into actionable insights through scenario modelling. This transformative solution enables WAST to delve into a myriad of operational factors—from meal break logistics to end-of-shift protocols—with precision. The result? Targeted interventions that not only bolster staff welfare but also uphold critical operational benchmarks, including response time targets.

Watch the presentation:

About the Presenters:

Hugh Bennett
Assistant Director
Commissioning & Performance,
Welsh Ambulance Service Trust

Currently working at the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust since 2015, Hugh has a rich background in various Director and Business Development roles at local governments and charities, turning around struggling organisations and securing additional funding. He has a background in History and Politics at the University of Warwick. He is a trained systems thinker and a qualified accountant and programme manager. Finally, he has a strong background in internal/external communications, strategic partnership working, policy development and corporate strategy.

Tef Jansma
Senior Solutions Architect

Tef’s background is in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. This is where he was first exposed to simulation modelling, where he also used it as a method to perform research on how to improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates. He is a seasoned expert in advanced simulation modelling, consulting, and analysis, and has been collaborating with ambulance and fire services across the world since 2016. Tef has a proven track record of delivering powerful data-driven insights to these services, thereby helping them improve operational performance and staff welfare.

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