Omda iPana Maternity

Extending maternity care to include the home monitoring

Omda iPana Maternity is a cloud-based platform that provides women with more ways to actively participate in their pregnancy care provision, helping to inform and reassure them. By facilitating home monitoring and providing access to an extensive advice hub, the solution has the added benefit of providing maternity professionals with additional healthcare data.

Deployed by Finnish neonatal and antenatal services, Omda iPana Maternity integrates with the end-to-end in-hospital maternity solution, Omda iPana Hospital. Together they create a fully connected digital system that encompasses the entire maternity journey and secures that all healthcare professionals benefit from real-time insight into the pregnant woman’s care and condition.

Improve data collection and expand care

Omda iPana Maternity includes home monitoring and diagnostics features that empower women to participate more in their maternity care. Expectant mothers can easily and securely enter results from home monitoring tests, which are immediately updated across the system and made available to health professionals.

By enabling regular collection of the home monitoring data, Omda iPana Maternity minimises the data blind spots that arise between clinic and hospital visits. Any potential serious developments come to light earlier, making it possible for maternity workers to put in place appropriate care sooner. This can be life-changing for high-risk pregnant women and their babies.

Eliminate paper-based maternity cards

For the Finnish healthcare system, Omda iPana Maternity acts as a digital maternity card, eliminating the need for paper-based identity documents. This is particularly useful in a healthcare sector where pregnant women can expect to see healthcare professionals in a wide range of clinical settings. It also means that the maternity workers in those settings can access the woman’s pregnancy care data and make informed clinical decisions.

Promoting participation in pregnancy care

Omda iPana Maternity includes features that help women users to better understand, follow and engage with their pregnancy care. The calendar function helps them keep track of appointments and key dates, while the advice hub answers questions they may have about their pregnancy or care.

During pregnancy, some expectant mothers suffer from feelings of alienation. They may feel unsure of what is happening to them, that they do not have regular input in the process, or that they lack control. Omda iPana Maternity is the first step in engaging women in their own care.

Why Omda iPana Maternity

Improved data collection

Omda iPana Maternity facilitates data collection in areas where healthcare providers have historically had little insight. Home monitoring improves oversight and enables early identification of problems.

Proactive engagement

By giving pregnant women information, advice, and answers, as well as a way to submit test results, the solution encourages participation in and a sense of ownership of pregnancy care.

Go paperless

New digital maternity cards eliminate the need for easily forgotten paper documents and allow for more flexible and versatile care provision.


Class I according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR)

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