Omda Fertsoft

The end-to-end data solution for advanced assisted reproductive technology clinics

Omda Fertsoft is a comprehensive software solution that supports fertility clinics in recording, managing and utilising patient and treatment data. From first contact to treatment completion, Omda Fertsoft provides an intuitive and customisable interface for data entry, retrieval, and analysis.

Our solution incorporates administration and business functions covering every aspect of clinic management. This empowers teams to work together more effectively. We tailor the modular design of our tool to the needs of individual clinics and the highly configurable setup allows for instant changes to the interface.

Built to deliver long-term value to a sector that is evolving and advancing at a rapid pace, we continue to develop Omda Fertsoft in close collaboration with our customers. The result is a software solution that enhances the patient experience, assists healthcare professionals in making data-driven clinical decisions, and streamlines clinic management.

Realising the potential of the connected clinic

Versatile technology for evolving clinics

The modular architecture of Omda Fertsoft makes it configurable to established workflows; there is no need to change the way you work. The software also enables clinics to modify the setup to accommodate the latest scientific methods and regulations. A responsive and agile solution, Omda Fertsoft helps you adapt to broader changes in fertility technology and practices.

Quick integrations

Omda Fertsoft integrates with a wide range of laboratory equipment and hospital information systems. It integrates with key clinical equipment for sperm analysis and embryo monitoring, streamlining data-sharing and providing a more comprehensive and up-to-date view of the patient and [his or] her treatment.

Support for every aspect of treatment delivery

With functionalities that assist with all aspects of the clinical workflow, Omda Fertsoft is a holistic solution that encompasses everything from patient registration to clinic administration. Access restrictions ensure that all clinic staff can use the software safely and securely, facilitating a connected clinic and encouraging close collaboration.

Easy automation for routine communications

Omda Fertsoft acknowledges that paper still plays a prominent role in many fertility clinics. To simplify the digital-analogue transition, the solution can also provide custom templates. With a single click, you extract relevant data from the system and integrate it into standardised letters, chart notes, and printouts. 

Putting data in the hands of those who need it

Supporting evidence-based clinical decision-making

At its core, Omda Fertsoft is a powerful data management tool that provides healthcare professionals and clinic administrators with quick and easy access to the information they need. With its intuitive interface, the solution is highly searchable, ensuring clinicians can retrieve valuable data, monitor results, and make the best possible decisions for their patients.

Delivering in-depth statistical analysis and reporting

As well as improving data entry and retrieval processes, Omda Fertsoft comes with advanced statistics and reporting functions. Users can create easy-to-read statistical analyses and custom data reports, which you can export in several formats. Omda Fertsoft also benefits from features that simplify reporting to national registries and other regulatory bodies.

A software solution built on data security and seamless collaboration

Understanding your data trail

To maximise data security, Omda Fertsoft creates a fully traceable data trail, allowing users to identify who added or altered data, and the time and date they did so. Clinics can configure access rights for individual user groups and track consumables and suppliers for improved stock management.

Growing and evolving together

Fertility clinics have been using Omda Fertsoft since the early 1990s. We are a proven partner and always aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. These relationships give us valuable insight into the ever-evolving field of assisted reproductive technology. We strive to understand our customers’ needs and keep up with the latest scientific developments.

Why Omda Fertsoft


Omda Fertsoft is configured to your clinic’s needs and allows for fast changes to the interface. So you can respond to whatever challenges and opportunities the future holds.

Data retrieval

Omda Fertsoft contains all patient data and is highly searchable. This makes information retrieval quick, easy, and efficient, encouraging data-driven clinical decision-making.

End-to-end solution

Omda Fertsoft provides clinics with everything they need to manage day-to-day operations, collect patient data, as well as search, analyse and export that information.

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