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Safer oncology treatments with our system of decision support and medication management

Omda’s oncology medication management solution, Omda Cytodose, uses clinically validated protocols and patient parameters to secure optimal and safer treatment for oncology patients.

The system strengthens all aspects of medical care for cancer patients, with a holistic and coherent treatment flow between doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. Omda Cytodose provides support for all adult and paediatric cancers and is suitable for every type of medical cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, as well as supportive comedication.

Originally developed by clinicians at Norway’s leading cancer centre, and launched in 2001, Omda Cytodose is widely used by healthcare regions across the Nordics, with millions of orders completed. It has a 15-year record of stability, reliability, and safety.

Omda Cytodose is a class I CE-marked device according to the EU Medical Device Directive and undergoes ongoing and rigorous testing. It is currently under evaluation for class IIb according to the EU Medical Device Regulation.


Real-time clinical observation and treatment protocols within a single system

Omda Cytodose is configured with clinically validated chemotherapy protocols based on national and international guidelines. The protocols can be imported from a national repository (Regionala Cancercentrum in Sweden) or built from scratch and shared freely between users. Omda Cytodose presents a full view of the patient’s medication record, so doctors can prescribe and adjust doses based on lab results or clinical observations at the time of treatment, within a single integrated system.

The system gives doctors complete freedom and flexibility in their decision-making.  Omda Cytodose comes with pre-loaded treatment protocols yet also allows practitioners to create an unlimited number of unique protocols or regimens.

The solution allows for the automatic calculation of dosages based on protocols and patient parameters, including height, BSA, renal clearance, age, and sex. But again, flexibility is key as rules and doses can be easily and quickly modified based on laboratory results or clinical observations.


Faster and safer preparation at the pharmacy

Omda Cytodose enables the efficient and patient-safe production of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy medications at the pharmacy level with integrated workflow to physicians and nurses.

With Omda Cytodose, pharmacies automatically receive the prescription and generated cGMP-compliant production worksheets with calculations and labels. The system supports configurable pharmacy procedure descriptions tailored to each drug and a full production journal. The production process can be managed in a web-based interface according to the best practice of closed-loop medication. Production is fully integrated with the prescription and nurse administration modules of the system, which cuts the risk of human error while saving valuable time. Full traceability strengthens compliance and insight into treatment outcomes.

Omda Cytodose integrates seamlessly with pharmacy systems for logistics and invoicing.


Safe and efficient administration

Omda Cytodose supports patient-safe administration of medication whether it is administered by nurses on the ward or by patients at home.

The system offers web-based administration with comprehensive task support and documentation for nurses as well as being fully integrated with the workflows of doctors and pharmacists.

Nurse administration sheets can be customised with different signature types and actions, and are logged accordingly. Omda Cytodose can enable barcode control of pharmacy production and patient identification according to closed loop medication. A wide range of medication types can be entered into the system, such as intravenous infusions, bolus injections, tablets, infusors, fluids, mixtures and more. The solution also records the administration process step by step, reducing manual labour, workload and ensuring traceability.

After the nurse administers the treatment, the patient summary is automatically updated, reducing time spent manually updating the patient’s file.

Omda Cytodose also supports safe outpatient administration of medication with a printable medical list and an overview of oral medications available in a dedicated app.

Prescribing + Dispensing + Administering = Omda Cytodose

Omda Cytodose was built by clinicians for clinicians and transforms the way they work by capturing every aspect of oncology care. The system integrates flexibly across all workflows and systems that support the safe and effective delivery of treatment. Crucially, it enables a seamless flow of information between physicians, pharmacies, nurses, labs, and patients. Interoperability extends not only to clinical components such as electronic patient records, lab systems, and compounding robots, but also to the “back office” of oncology workflows, through integrations with pharmacy billing, and inventory management systems.

Doing it right

Omda Cytodose delivers improved patient safety by minimising errors related to chemotherapy dosing, preparation and administration. It does so by delivering functionalities that adheres to the “five rights” of medication use: the right patient, the right drug, the right time, the right dose, and the right route.

The system also assists with the standardisation of patient treatment in oncology and provides statistics that can be used as KPIs and in cancer registries.

Why Omda Cytodose

The #1 oncology management software in the Nordics

Since 2001, Omda Cytodose has provided comprehensive oncology decision support and medication management, enabling doctors, pharmacists, and nurses to deliver safe and effective treatment to their patients.

Customer focus

Omda Cytodose was developed in collaboration with researchers, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, and is continuously updated to address their evolving needs.

Time saved

Omda Cytodose minimises paper workflows, automates many critical processes, and speeds up communication by consolidating treatment and patient data in a single system with an intuitive interface, accessible to all healthcare professionals.

Security and compliance

Omda Cytodose is fully compliant with national reporting requirements. It features rigorous safety and security for confidential patient data. It provides customised access, user provisioning and privileges that can be set by administrative staff based on each clinic’s workflow and enables compliance with GDPR requirements. The system includes full traceability and versioning of protocols as well as an audit log for user actions.

Class I according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD)

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