Omda ProSang

For all aspects of blood, cell, and tissue management

Omda ProSang is an advanced Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for end-to-end blood, cell, and tissue management, with full traceability from donor to recipient. The system is utilised by blood donors and in blood centres, immunohematology laboratories, clinical immunology laboratories, transplantation laboratories, tissue establishments, and stem cell facilities. Omda ProSang has provided full ISBT 128 support for decades and is trusted by more than 180 blood centres in five countries.

By offering customers a fully-documented process and complete traceability, the platform provides detailed oversight of the entire donor-to-recipient system. Process automation streamlines testing and analysis workflows and simplifies communication with donors. The solution has built-in safeguarding mechanisms to improve patient safety, and detailed statistics and analysis tools allow healthcare providers to get the most from their resources.

Omda ProSang has been developed and continuously enhanced over more than five decades, in close cooperation with its users.

Full traceability to ensure accuracy and patient safety

Omda ProSang secures the complete traceability of blood, cells, and tissues from donor to recipient. From the moment a sample is taken from the donor, through production, analysis, and delivery to recipient, Omda ProSang tracks every step with barcode labelling in accordance with the ISBT 128 standard. Omda ProSang’s advanced barcode technology assists in the prevention of serious medical errors; it improves patient safety by automatically recognising and alerting users if an incorrect blood, cell, or tissue sample is scanned. This barcode labelling guarantees a high degree of accuracy and speed so that users can take donations, and produce and allocate samples, with confidence.

Complete workflow support for blood, cell, and tissue management

Omda ProSang is a user-driven, feature-rich and intuitive system. Its functionality covers all aspects of blood management, including blood donor administration, production, and analysis, as well as allocation and delivery of blood for transfusion. The system has leveraged the same proven system for stem cells, organ transplantation, and tissue management. Omda ProSang also handles a variety of immunological examinations, including immunogenicity and tissue-type serology.

Seamless integrations

Omda ProSang integrates with electronic health record systems, hospital information systems, and other laboratory systems, including biochemistry and microbiology labs. The system can also connect with population databases for automatic retrieval of patient and demographic data.

Omda ProSang is compatible with most analysis equipment on the market. The system can electronically transmit information to and from diverse sources, such as blood collecting mixers, blood component separators, blood typing and compatibility testing, detection of microbial growth, virus and antibody detections and biochemistry analysis results.

Omda ProSang is fully scalable and configurable to the needs of any health provider – large or small. It can facilitate the regional exchange of donor information as well as the exchange of blood, cells, and tissues across hospitals.

Comprehensive donor administration

Omda ProSang provides a complete donor administration system enabling blood centres to optimise donations with online booking, electronic health questionnaires, and automatic donor reminders. Donors can quickly and easily be called in by text, email, or letter. The system provides complete registration and reporting of all blood donor data, including blood type, results on transfusion-transmitted infection markers, and a full donor history. Donor information can also be exchanged between blood centres, so donors are free to visit any blood centre which has their data in Omda ProSang.

The system gives blood centres an overview of donations and gives forecasts on the availability of donors in relation to the numbers required to secure adequate blood stock levels.

Safe and secure production of blood

Omda ProSang establishes a rigorous process for monitoring blood donations, including preparation, labelling, implementation, and approval of blood-sample testing. Donated blood is sent for analysis; blood type and results on transfusion-transmitted infection markers are registered in Omda ProSang through integrations with laboratory systems and analysis instruments.

Blood production is controlled by barcode labels that are connected to all activities within the system. The system also imposes automatic controls to ensure all required tests are performed and approved before blood can be registered for patient use.

Advanced support for blood analysis

Omda ProSang supports all processes related to the analysis of blood, including registration of orders, results, monitoring, and approvals, as well as all types of immunohematology testing and clinical immunological analyses.

When registering a new sample, the user has immediate access to all historical data on the patient, such as previous analyses, serological investigations, or previous blood transfusions.

Omda ProSang automatically performs controls on all blood samples against the patient’s history in the system. It can be set up to trigger specific protocols if certain conditions are met, such as an abnormal finding in the patient’s blood test results.

Accurate allocation of blood

Omda ProSang ensures safety and security when allocating and delivering blood to patients or returning unused blood to stock. The system registers the Blood type Antibody-screening Control (BAC) test and can perform a variety of electronic compatibility testing, including recipient-donor testing and crossmatch testing.

Upon allocation of blood units to a patient, Omda ProSang automatically validates compatibility. It can also be configured to search for compatible blood units in the stock according to a patient’s characteristics.

In addition to facilitating the safe delivery of blood from stock, Omda ProSang reports transfusions and retrieval of unused blood. This ensures blood stock is optimized and waste is reduced.

Why Omda ProSang

End-to-end workflow support

Omda ProSang’s comprehensive functionality includes all aspects of blood donor management: administration, production and analysis, allocation, and delivery of blood for transfusion. It uses the same proven system for stem cells, organ transplantation, and tissue management. The system also handles immunological tests, including immunogenicity and tissue-type serology.

Full traceability of blood, cells, and tissues

From the moment a sample is taken from the donor, through to production, analysis, and delivery to the recipient, Omda ProSang tracks every step with barcode labelling. The system’s barcode technology automatically recognises and alerts users if an incorrect blood, cell, or tissue sample is being scanned so that users can receive and allocate samples with confidence.

An unparalleled track record of experience and expertise Omda ProSang has been used in Scandinavia for more than five decades, and has an unmatched record of safety, cost efficiency, and reliability. It is the preferred blood management software solution among Scandinavian health authorities and is trusted by health professionals in more than 180 blood centres across 5 countries.

Class I according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD)

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