Omda Paratus

Comprehensive in-vehicle emergency response platform with powerful backend applications

Omda Paratus provides frontline workers with in-vehicle support and connects rescue vehicles to the wider emergency response ecosystem. From vehicle routing and emergency workflow guidance to providing emergency departments with live ambulance ETA information, Omda Paratus empowers emergency heroes, protects patients and facilitates intelligent decision-making.

Comprising an in-vehicle mobile solution and a series of powerful backend modules that allow for detailed operational oversight, performance analytics and system configuration, Omda Paratus ensures essential information is at emergency workers’ fingertips when they need it most.

In-vehicle support for emergency workers

The Omda Paratus in-vehicle platform consists of Paratus Navigation and Paratus Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Paratus Navigation is located in the front of the rescue vehicle and provides advanced routing and case-handling capabilities. Paratus EMR is designed for the rear of the vehicle and assists responders when assessing patients and completing the relevant medical workflows.

Informing frontline decision-making

Omda Paratus emphasises ease of use in high-pressure and time-critical situations. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces ensure information is communicated effectively. Paramedics also benefit from access to patient health records, system integrations with ambulance medical equipment, and an interface that avoids free text inputs and prioritises structured data collection.

Connecting the emergency response ecosystem

The Omda Paratus platform connects mobile assets with other aspects of the healthcare system through a series of administrative and operational modules. These include an admin module that allows customers to configure the system to their particular needs and an Emergency Department module that ensures operational information flows between rescue vehicles and hospital EDs.

Oversight, analysis and reporting functionality

While Omda Paratus provides real-time, in-vehicle support, it also plays a pivotal role in data collection, post-incident analysis and performance assessment. It features modules that enable map-based operational oversight of developments, in-depth performance analysis, and the ability to revisit historic incidents and assess the response.


Class I according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD)

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EVP – Emergency
He is based in the company’s office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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