Driving patient-saving efficiencies in casualty clinic call management

Omda AMIS provides casualty clinics and out-of-hours services with a powerful digital platform for processing emergency calls and coordinating all aspects of the medical response. The solution supports call operators in assessing patients and recording incident details, enabling a faster response and more efficient call-taking.

Whether assessing and triaging patients via its intuitive user interface, coordinating home visits by medical professionals, or generating detailed statistical analysis and producing reports, Omda AMIS improves patient safety and simplifies case management for medical professionals.

Developed for use by Norway’s national Emergency Medical Control Centres (EMCCs) and casualty clinics (legevaktsentraler), the platform is a versatile solution that can be implemented in similar international emergency response contexts. 

Saving seconds saves lives

Omda AMIS ensures call operators assess and triage patients as efficiently as possible. Configured around the gold-standard Norwegian Index or the Manchester Triage Scale, it utilises clean and clear workflows to facilitate seamless information capture and support operator decision-making. In an environment where every second matters, Omda AMIS enables operators to focus on the patient and triage quickly, accurately and effectively.

Putting valuable information in operators’ hands

Omda AMIS features integrations for all critical medical systems. From instant access to electronic patient and summary care records (kjernejournal) to direct connections with the national 113 telephony system, it benefits from integrations with Norway’s core healthcare technologies. This enables the free flow of information between casualty clinics and other aspects of the healthcare system, enhancing patient safety.

Record, analyse, report and improve

Omda AMIS includes comprehensive data collection, analysis and reporting functionalities, ensuring every customer has a complete record of their AMIS interactions. Every call generates an event log with a date, time, signature and activity description, resulting in a detailed triage log for every incident. This data enables casualty clinics to analyse various metrics, including wait time, triage time and triage accuracy, assess performance and create reports.

A cloud-based solution for clinics of all sizes

As Omda AMIS is also available as a cloud-based solution, it is scalable, updatable and easily maintained. Backed by world-class data security protections, it is an excellent choice for clinics of all sizes. With a cloud-based platform, we can offer superior product support, help customers resolve issues directly and provide regular updates to improve system performance and introduce new features. Smaller clinics do not have to worry about expensive hardware or managing security issues. Larger clinics benefit from system scalability and the solution’s proven track record in the EMCC context.

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Johan Hedensiö
EVP – Emergency
He is based in the company’s office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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