Smarter Ways of Working in Omda Woman & Child

For the Woman & Child team, the transition from CSAM to Omda is an opportunity to communicate our commitment to the new Smarter Ways vision and discuss how we aim to deliver for our customers. Omda is in a position to improve service delivery across fertility and maternity services, providing digital solutions that connect previously fragmented aspects of the care system and make data capture, sharing and retrieval easier and more efficient.

Digital solutions encourage patient participation and engagement

Patient participation in care is increasingly important in modern maternity and fertility care. In many ways, it is the area undergoing the most pronounced changes. Healthcare providers seek more direct methods of communication with patients and want to deliver satisfying digital experiences.

Patient-facing solutions, such as Omda Wellme, enable patients to submit health data, retrieve and request information, and participate in care delivery. While this increases the amount of information healthcare professionals can use to inform decisions, it also provides patients with a trustworthy source of information. It may also help combat a patient’s feelings of alienation or lack of control. At the same time, it creates direct links between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as a wider community of expectant mothers.

Technologies like Omda Wellme reflect the shifting expectations of patients in the maternity and fertility sectors. Increasingly, patients expect healthcare delivery to replicate the seamless digital experiences they encounter elsewhere in their lives. From access to remote service delivery to streamlined appointment scheduling, users want digital healthcare solutions that enable them to manage and engage with healthcare services more effectively and conveniently.


Omda expertise puts us at the forefront of industry developments

Omda Woman & Child achieves our goals by delivering connected digital healthcare solutions that position us at the forefront of the sector. As industry innovators, we are active in the debates shaping the future of maternity and fertility care, and we can leverage our international expertise to inform developments across multiple markets.

For instance, our experience developing and implementing a digital maternity card in Finland is relevant to other nations and markets. With Norway currently debating the opportunities related to a digital maternity card, we are contributing to a national initiative to determine which data elements should be shared between vendors and establish standards for sharing them. The experience with our existing solution in Finland could be a catalyst to move this initiative forward in Norway

As we transition to Omda, we want to emphasise the role our team’s experience and expertise play in developing the highly specialised solutions our customers need. This experience is also what enables us to participate in, contribute to and shape the discourse surrounding the future of fertility and maternity technology.

Easy, intuitive data entry is the future

To leverage maternity data, make better-informed decisions and improve the safety of expectant mothers and their babies, we must first refine our data entry mechanisms. How we collect information and make it available to medical professionals plays a significant role in determining that data’s value.

Healthcare providers are aware of the importance of effective data collection, and there is a growing demand for specialised digital solutions. Currently, Omda facilitates on-the-go and bedside data entry via mobile applications, ensuring medical observations and critical data points are submitted and updated immediately. By eliminating any delay between observation and data input, this system enables healthcare workers to base decisions on current information and minimises the likelihood of inaccuracies in data reporting. Mobile data entry will become an increasingly integral part of maternity monitoring. Omda is well-positioned to deliver the solutions required to facilitate this.

In addition, medical professionals need systems based on single-entry data collection. These systems ensure users need only input data once for it to update in real-time across a provider’s entire portfolio of digital solutions. Considering the complexity of modern digital systems, implementing single-entry solutions would result in significant efficiency improvements and a far more connected healthcare environment. With this in mind, Omda is invested in ensuring its solutions integrate seamlessly with other healthcare solutions, allowing for smarter data sharing and a seamless flow of information. Users must benefit from a comprehensive overview of a patient’s circumstances and medical developments. We can only achieve this by collating fragmented data sets into a single source of truth and ensuring data continuity as pregnancy progresses.


Omda enables us to deliver a better-connected future

Realising Smarter Ways of working means adopting a leading role in the maternity and fertility sectors. It also involves demonstrating that connected solutions improve healthcare outcomes, patient safety and clinical decision-making. Rebranding as Omda enables us to better position our products and explain their benefits, while also ensuring we can make a compelling case for our vision of the future of maternity and fertility services.

Omda Woman & Child envisions a future where fertility and maternity care are connected and data flows freely between different solutions, medical professionals and healthcare settings. This means improving every stage of the data handling process, from collection, through storage and sharing, to retrieval. It requires us to develop solutions that meet user expectations by replicating other digital experiences and engaging expectant mothers in their own care. It demands we strive for continuous improvement and ensure our solutions grow, adapt and scale to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Lilly Marit Angermo
Business Area Manager, Woman & Child

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