Omda customer case: Valencia 112 emergency response system

With more than five million inhabitants, Valencia is one of the most populous regions in Spain. Valencia 112 is responsible for managing emergency response across the region, receiving an average of 3 million incoming calls every year – more than 8,200 every day.

For Valencia 112, Omda CoordCom software is at the heart of an emergency response system that ranks amongst the most advanced in the world.

In this case study, we look back on the last 20 years of close collaboration to deliver a unique and extraordinarily powerful emergency response system that is adapted to Valencia 112’s operational needs. Today, more than 120 individual agencies across the region utilise Omda CoordCom, ranging from police services to ambulance operators.

The system is the most direct expression of a professional relationship we have fostered carefully over two decades. It’s the result of expertise-sharing, collaborative development, and a desire to create products that meet the specific needs of our customers.

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Johan Hedensiö
Executive Vice President, Emergency

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