Enabling Quality Care at Life’s Critical Moments

Technological advancements have been a driving force behind many significant improvements in healthcare, increasing access to services, enhancing efficiency and quality of care, and empowering patients to take control of their health.

Some of the most impressive impacts of technology in healthcare have come from the highly specialised software that enables the daily workflows of healthcare professionals. These niche eHealth solutions have had a massive influence on nearly every process and practice within hospitals and healthcare organisations.

More than a decade ago, the team at CSAM recognised the power and potential of these highly specialised solutions to connect healthcare providers with clinical information at the point of care so that they can deliver high-quality care to their patients.

Today, CSAM is the leading provider of niche eHealth solutions in the Nordics, and the only company that offers specialised eHealth solutions across multiple domains.

CSAM’s solutions facilitate some of the most important processes in healthcare, touching patient’s lives at critical and often life-changing milestones. From having a baby, to receiving treatment for an illness, to donating blood, and much more, CSAM solutions are there supporting healthcare providers in caring for their patients.

Delivering a Safe Pregnancy and Birth

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest moments. For expectant mothers, proper care and health during pregnancy and birth will have long-lasting effects on their child’s health

Throughout the process of prenatal, birth and postnatal care, thousands of elements of information are shared between the expectant mother and her healthcare team. During this process, real-time monitoring and updating of health data are required, and information can quickly become fragmented between various providers.

CSAM has a range of women and children’s health solutions that improve the collection, storing and sharing of important medical information between expectant mothers and their healthcare team, at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Lilly-Marit Angermo
Lilly-Marit Angermo, Domain Manager – Women & Children’s Health

– Our solutions provide significant value to healthcare providers, enhancing the flow of critical medical information, reducing the manual collection of data, and improving risk assessment, said Lilly Marit Angermo, Domain Manager, Women & Children’s Health.  – For expectant parents, these solutions help to ensure a safe and healthy birth.

Today, all births in Norway and a third of births in Finland are registered in one of CSAM’s maternity systems.

CSAM also provides a cloud-based service platform that connects expectant mothers with their healthcare team, including maternity clinics and midwives, as well as hospitals and private doctors.

CSAM iPana Maternity replaces and eliminates the need for paper maternity cards, improving the safety, security, and flow of information between all healthcare providers in the prenatal and postnatal care process. It also empowers expectant mothers to play an active role in their own healthcare, as a provider and owner of their health information.

Managing the Complexity of Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. For most patients, treatment is complex, involving a variety of medications that may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy or hormone therapy, as well as supportive medications such as anti-emetics. The drugs used to treat cancer are aggressive and can cause serious adverse effects if the dosage is too high or be ineffective in treating the disease if the dosage is not high enough.

CSAM Cytodose is a medication management solution that ensures every patient gets the right medication, in the proper dosage at the correct time, which is critical to successful treatment.  The system provides support for the entire healthcare team and process – from the doctor who prescribes the medication, to the pharmacist who dispenses it, to the nurse who administers it.

CSAM Cytodose is also a comprehensive decision support tool, using clinically validated protocols and patient parameters to deliver safe and effective treatment for adult and pediatric oncology patients.

– CSAM Cytodose supports all aspects of medical care for cancer patients, with complete integration between every healthcare professional in the oncology treatment chain, said Emelie Ahlberg, Domain Manager, Medication Management. – Whether prescribing, dispensing, or administering medication, the application ensures every step in the process is safe, accurate and reliable.

Today, CSAM Cytodose is the number one oncology medication software in the Nordics, with a nearly 20-year record of stability, reliability and safety. It is used by more than 40 hospitals, in both adult and pediatric wards, with millions of orders completed.

Supporting Life-Saving Transfusions & Transplants

Donating blood is often referred to as the gift of life. Those who donate are helping people in need of life-saving access to blood during times of critical injury or illness. Each year, millions of lives are saved through the donation of blood, as well as cells, tissues and organs.

Daniel Wiman
Daniel Wiman, Domain Manager – LIMS

– Across Scandinavia, if you visit a blood centre, undergo transplant surgery, or donate blood, cells or tissues, CSAM ProSang is likely involved, said Daniel Wiman, Domain Manager, LIMS.

CSAM ProSang is an advanced Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that simplifies the entire management of blood, cells and tissues – from donation to transfusion or transplantation. The system provides comprehensive support for all aspects of blood, cell and tissue management, with full traceability from donor to recipient.

CSAM ProSang’s comprehensive functionality includes all aspects of blood donor management – administration, production and analysis, allocation and delivery of blood for transfusion. It uses the same proven process for stem cells, organ transplantation and tissue management.

From the time a sample is taken from the donor, through the production, analysis and delivery to the recipient, CSAM ProSang tracks every step. The system’s advanced technology automatically recognises and alerts users if the incorrect blood, cell or tissue is scanned so that healthcare organisations can receive and allocate samples with confidence.

CSAM ProSang is currently used by blood centres, blood donors, transfusion laboratories, clinical immunology laboratories, transplantation laboratories and stem cell facilities. It is operating in five countries, at more than 180 blood centres, in 26 healthcare regions.

The system has been used in Scandinavia for nearly 50 years, bringing an unmatched record of safety, security, cost efficiency and reliability.

Caring for Life

CSAM’s specialised software solutions enable critical and often life-saving care during some of the most important moments of a patient’s life. No matter the healthcare setting, CSAM has a solution to support specialised clinicians in providing safe, effective and high-quality care to their patients.

Caring for life is not just CSAM’s value statement – it’s what inspires us to do the work we do every day, added Angermo.

Helen Døcker
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

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