CSAM Health Group rebrands to Omda for the next step in its growth journey

Today, the CSAM Health Group will transition to the next phase of its growth, becoming Omda in the process. The move represents the beginning of yet another exciting stage in the company’s long and storied journey. It is a recognition of the many years of hard work and dedication that enabled us to arrive at this moment and an opportunity to lay the foundation for further growth and continued success.

Our future will be defined by a commitment to our new vision – ‘Smarter Ways to a safe and healthy world’. We will fulfil this vision by leveraging Omda’s healthcare and emergency expertise and strengthening our focus on innovative and intuitive product design, user-friendly software solutions and enhanced integration capabilities.    

But, above all, we will prioritise smart digital solutions that facilitate world-class healthcare delivery, state-of-the art emergency services and improved patient outcomes for the millions of people who rely on Omda technology in life’s most critical moments.

Contemporary challenges meet tomorrow’s technology

Today, our software empowers thousands of healthcare professionals, emergency personnel and clinical researchers. From paramedics driving to the scene of an incident to midwives providing maternity care, medical professionals of all types utilise Omda technology to make better-informed decisions, optimise resources and guarantee patient safety. We understand that the healthcare sector often faces an overwhelming array of challenges. Budget limitations, staffing concerns, digital transformation and the rapidly changing nature of patient behaviour place considerable pressure on organisations that are constantly striving to improve the services they provide to people in their care. Our solutions help healthcare providers and emergency responders make a difference. Omda remains committed to developing specialised, innovative and trustworthy solutions that deliver true value to our customers by meeting their distinct needs.

Building our shared culture

Over the years, the CSAM Health Group has thrived by adopting a dynamic and considered acquisition strategy and integrating some of the world’s most innovative healthcare solutions into the CSAM family. Though diverse, all our solutions share a set of common characteristics. They are highly specialised, proven in the field and committed to meeting specific industry needs. The transition to Omda is an opportunity to build on those shared qualities and embed a powerful collective mission, culture and values in our teams and solutions. Our future will show that even more can be achieved when those solutions unite behind a common vision and goals. At the same time, Omda enables us to rename and reposition our core business areas and products to create a transparent and intuitive organisational structure that customers understand more easily and engage with more comfortably.

Putting the user first

User-centricity is in our DNA and will act as a guiding light as we move forward. We serve a diverse range of customers, including blood banks, midwives, ambulance dispatchers, clinical researchers and oncology physicians, to name just a few. All our verticals were founded on the same premise – building a sustainable, profitable business by providing the unique and specialised software solutions that these customers required. As we change our name to Omda, we reiterate our laser focus on solving our users’ most critical challenges. This user-centricity means forging strong connections between Omda development teams, healthcare organisations and medical professionals so we can identify and overcome obstacles to efficiency and improved service delivery. We will make it our business to understand our customers’ most pressing needs, develop effective solutions and foster long-term relationships. User-centricity is at the heart of everything we do and will enable us to deliver on our mission of “providing proven, focused software for health and emergency professionals to know more and work smarter”.

Powered by people

While our solutions shine in healthcare settings and the emergency response environment, our success is down to the talent we have assembled at Omda. And it is their competence, dedication and innovative spirit that will drive Omda forward. Software design and development are in our DNA. But so is healthcare expertise. Our code is developed by dedicated teams well-versed in the clinical requirements of varied medical domains. Our programmers work alongside practitioners with extensive clinical experience. Our UX experts collaborate closely with team members who have spent years in operative emergency service positions. Their expertise and experience are invaluable. As Omda, our teams will combine development expertise with insights into healthcare provision to deliver outstanding digital solutions. They will embody the company’s Smarter Ways vision and make it a reality. When the time comes to acquire new companies, we will welcome their personnel into Omda and provide them with the tools and support they need to leverage their skills and further enhance Omda’s capabilities.

Omda is opportunity

For our organisation, Omda is the beginning of a new chapter. We will continue to position ourselves at the forefront of healthcare digitalisation, offering customers feature-rich solutions that are user-friendly, integrate with diverse healthcare systems and generate valuable analytics. But we will also take the next steps in our journey, working hard to progress existing solutions and adapt them to emerging challenges and needs, while making Omda an even more desirable home for new acquisitions and healthcare innovators. We believe digital solutions will shape the future of healthcare and we envision a world where Omda technology guarantees better healthcare for those in need. Our solutions reduce costs for providers, assist decision-making, improve safety and enable resource optimisation. But, most importantly, they facilitate Smarter Ways of working. I, for one, am both proud of the people and products that enabled us to reach this moment and incredibly excited for what lies ahead. We look forward to cultivating our relationships with existing customers and partners, as well as welcoming new clients and future acquisitions into the Omda fold. We are entering a new stage in the company’s development. We need to be even more user-centric, innovative and focused if we are to deliver on our promise. And I have complete faith that the Omda team is equipped and ready to face the challenge.

Sverre Flatby
Chief Executive Officer

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