CSAM Announces Closing of Mawell eSystems Acquisition 

On 27 September 2023, CSAM Health Group AS changed its name to Omda AS. For articles on historical events such as transactions, financial results etc. we will not retroactively change the name.

Oslo, Norway – CSAM is pleased to announce that it has completed its acquisition of Finnish company Mawell Oy’s eHealth product division: eSystems. Mawell eSystems is one of the few Nordic based eHealth software divisions that has been successful in exporting eHealth software and over the years developed a robust and diversified customer base.

– I am delighted about this acquisition and that our two strong product divisions are joining forces,” said Sverre Flatby, Chief Executive Officer of CSAM in Norway. – These two like-minded teams of great people will enable us to pursue our growth strategy and strengthen our Nordic position and enables us to deliver superior value to our clients and employees.

– We are pleased with finalizing this agreement with CSAM. We rest assured that CSAM will provide a good home for the products and their customers. For Mawell, it means that we can return to and optimize our core competencies, which lie in the consulting business. Our consultants are part of some of the most innovative national and regional projects in Sweden, and we aim to strengthen our position as a market leader on the market. We wish CSAM and the customers great luck in their new relationship, said Torbjörn Lindh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mawell Oy.

About Mawell Oy

Mawell is an IT company within the eHealth market, founded in 2001 in Oulu, Finland. Our largest strength is in our ability to connect IT with real healthcare, increasing efficiency and releasing time for healthcare professionals – more time to care.

About CSAM 

CSAM is a privately-owned eHealth company based in Norway, focusing on software solutions enabling healthcare providers to access relevant clinical information at the point of care. CSAM is #1 in Scandinavia in oncology medication software, #1 in Norway in maternity software and #1 in Norway in emergency and acute care software.

CSAM, through its acquisition of Mawell Oy’s eSystems division, is now one of the Nordic’s leading eHealth software export firms in its industry, providing integrated specialist solutions across many healthcare areas.

CSAM is headquartered in Oslo, and has a fully owned software engineering subsidiary in the Philippines and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Oulu and London.

CSAM has established itself as a leading niche player in the specialised eHealth healthcare market, possessing a unique blend of best-in-class innovative technology, and outstanding human skills. Backed by strong financial owners, CSAM aspires to continue to grow both organically and through selected mergers and acquisitions.

Chief Financial Officer, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Mr. Einar Bonnevie
+47 9155 4532

President and CEO Mawell OY
Mr. Torbjörn Lindh
+46 70 835 37 60

Einar Bonnevie
Chief Financial Officer

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