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Providing proven, focused software for health and emergency professionals to know more and work smarter






Proven and focused

From the start, Omda has built software tools exclusively for health and emergency professionals. We are close to our customers and strongly aware of their mission-critical software and service needs. Trusted by many healthcare institutions and rigorously tested for reliability, we also evolve our solutions to match expanding IT capabilities.

Powered by people

We support our customers through sustained relationships and can also advise on upgrading solutions and technologies as systems and processing power increase. We listen, we learn and work together with our customers to bring them optimal systems performance.

Uniquely Omda

Our code is developed in-house by dedicated teams. Our company DNA is software development, focused since our inception on standardised hospital healthcare IT provision. Our Integration Engine and APIs enable our products to successfully merge with existing systems of all types and specifications.

Sustainable commitment

Omda’s corporate governance has a core focus on sustainability. Through this we seek to minimise our environmental impacts and optimise both the social and economic gains of our value creation. Our software and platforms are rigorously proofed to meet the most stringent privacy and GDPR requirements. Equality and life-work balance are a high priority of our working culture. By far the greatest value we deliver however is through our digital services and solutions. These enable more sustainable resource management across the entire array of health and emergency services value chains.
Smarter Ways
Smarter Ways
Finding smarter ways to enable health and emergency providers to provide better care every day.

Our Values

User Centric

We constantly seek ways to enhance our products’ power, ease of use and reliability.


We are committed to providing state of the art digital tools to help save lives and improve healthcare outcomes.


As digital technology expands in range and sophistication, we seek ways to transform healthcare organisation and delivery.


Our deep experience in many medical and emergency fields means we can work closely with customers to optimise the effectiveness of our solutions.